Do This to De-Puff and Lift Your Face Instantly: Lymphatic Drainage Massage Tutorial



February for many, is a month of reflection and hibernation (at least that’s how it is for all my Chicago readers). If you’re a homebody like me, then you appreciate nights spent at home wrapped in your blanket like a burrito. Simply doing nothing. So this month, I want to focus on self-care systems that aid natural detoxification of the body. The top self-care ritual on my list this month is lymphatic drainage, and I’ve got skin guru Leah Chavie stopping by to show us a lymphatic drainage massage tutorial.  

Since I like spending a good amount of my time in my sanctuary (my home) during the final months of winter, I only think it makes sense to focus on self-care rituals this month. I’ve touched on the lymphatic system briefly in my previous post about dry body brushing, but now I’d like to focus on how to take care of our lymphatic system in greater detail.

Our lymphatic system is a fluid-filled network of glands, nodes and more that are found in our entire body. Our lymphatic system helps us naturally cleanse our body by transferring toxins from our tissues for “detoxification” or removal. 

What happens if our lymphatic system get’s backed up?

Often times, our lymphatic system can become stagnant. Meaning that there is a buildup of toxins accumulating in this system. 

Why should you stimulate your lymphatic system?

  • Helps ease and release fluid retention, cellulite, and swollen glands.
  • A healthy lymphatic system can help reduce symptoms of PMS
  • Lymphatic massage may help you lose weight and increase energy
  • Supports a strong and healthy immune system

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Tutorial

lymphatic draining massage tutorial

I stopped by my go-to esthetician, Leah Chavie (and skin guru) to show us an easy lymphatic drainage massage tutorial for our face. So this specific massage is not only good to cleanse our system, but also to reduce puffiness and stimulate circulation. The results? A slender, glowing face.

In our video, Leah shares her background story quickly (because she’s got some major street cred), the benefits of lymphatic massage, what type of products she uses for it, and step by step how to. If you want to get right to the lymphatic tutorial – you can fast forward to 3:30.  Also, I want to be clear and share that this is not a sponsored video or content, I truly love working with Leah and wanted a skin expert to show us how lymphatic massage is done!  I recommend playing this video when you’re ready to try out the massage as you can follow along! 

To recap the video in a nutshell, I’m breaking down the important notes:

  • Lymphatic massage uses a specific light pressure using pumping and stroke techniques. 
  • The massage should take you around 15 minutes to complete. You can do this morning or night when you want to reduce the puffiness in your face. I like giving myself a lymphatic massage before a big night out to get rid of under eye bags.
  • If you want to make your own massage oil that you can let soak in, I recommend using calendula oil. I wrote about all of the benefits of calendula here, and there’s also a quick tutorial on how to make homemade calendula oil as well. You can also find organic brands on Amazon or Etsy. 
  • You can do this every day, and always use light pressure. 

After you try this out for a couple of weeks, let me know in the comments if you notice any results or how you feel! As always, I respond to all questions in comments and love hearing what you want to learn about next. 

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