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Dry Body Brushing.


Many have claimed that dry body brushing comes with numerous health benefits, so I have put it to the test. For the past two months, I have used a dry body brush every morning before my shower, and now I am obsessed.

This initial weird sensation has eventually turned into less than 10 minutes of my morning routine, and it leaves me feeling invigorated, bright eyed and bushy tailed. People have been using this at home clarifying technique for years, and just recently I’ve noticed it  gaining more popularity. One of the main reasons? To detox the largest organ in our body, our skin.

Individuals use a body brush for the same reason we plop down in saunas and steam rooms, to detoxify our bodies. And where does this gunk come out of? Our skin. So, on top of your bi-weekly sauna visit, amp up your daily detoxification by using this new grooming technique.

The Deets:

On top of unclogging the gunk in our bodies, here are some other ways that you will benefit from dry body brushing:

– Stimulates the nervous system and awakens your being and senses.

– Increases circulation for greater blood flow.

-Lymphatic drainage which helps remove built up toxins in your body. Want to know another way to help with lymphatic drainage? Try this lymphatic massage tutorial.

– Greater exfoliation to improve the texture and smoothness of your skin.  Incorporate it into your beauty routine with this holistic weekend guide.

– Reduces cellulite and hardened fat that is trapped under your skin and loosens them so the body can release them.



Luckily, I’ve included some how-to videos from around the inter-webs, but to keep it simple:

Use your body brush before you shower, so you can then rinse off the dead skin.

– Use mildly firm and fluid strokes always towards the heart.

– Start from your feet up.

– Make this a spa like ritual by keeping the atmosphere soothing with candles or aromatherapy.

– You can brush for 5 minutes, or go as long as 15-25 minutes for extra detoxification.

Want a tutorial? You can watch this awesome how-to video, go get your brushes!

Avoid: Your breasts or irritated areas on your skin. Do not use a body brush if you’ve recently had a cosmetic treatment or have a sunburn.

As I said before, I have been doing this for about two months now and have noticed an improved difference in my skin and it really jump starts my day and keeps me focused way into the afternoon as well.

Have you tried body brushing before? What do you think of it?

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