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vita liberata review

I don’t know about you, but I am naturally..pale. It must be my family’s German and Dutch roots: blonde hair green eye pale skin type of look. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me my Casper the Ghost complexion (they’re gonna be annoyed reading this). To not look like a snow man, I use self tanning lotions from time to time. Not only does it give me a nice healthy glow, but we tend to look slimmer with a self tan – yes please!

There can be two problems with using self tanner though: streaks and staaaank. 

For me, I’m more crazy about the smell. I can’t stand it when I smell my self tanner throughout the day or when I’m out at night. No one likes that smell and it’s a dead giveaway that you are fake n’ bakin’. Streaks are not my cup of tea either. No one wants to look like Tony the Tiger in a wig and platforms. 

Another important factor I look for when finding the perfect sunless tan is a non toxic and certified organic. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. With a slew of new beauty and cosmetic products making a debut constantly, it’s really important to be mindful of what you use in your beauty routine. 

I must have been putting out this intent into the world (that I need a natural at home spray tan formula) and the Universe sent me Vita Liberata. 

vita liberata review

Vita Liberata is the first odorless tan that made its debut in 2007. In 2011 they became the first non toxic spray tan, and they even have a self tanning formula that lasts between 2-3 weeks! I’m currently wearing my formula now – it’s been a week and I still notice a nice hue. I’ve also been using their bronzer that also acts as a self tanner. I use it to contour and on my legs when I’m wearing a dress and after I wash off the powder, I still have a nice glow!

So, once you have your product in hand. It’s time to figure out how to achieve a flawless glow that won’t leave you streaky. I came up with some quick tips for how to prepare for your perfect at home glow.

vita liberata review

Important notes for achieving a streak free appication to help you look slimmer with a self tan:

  • Exfoliate: Right before you apply your tan, make sure you exfoliate your skin with a deep cleansing body scrub that is oil free. Do not apply any sort of lotion on your skin before you apply the self tanner. 
  • Then, use a dry brush: If you don’t know what dry brushing is, we have a nice little tutorial here. Now you don’t have to use firm pressure – simple light strokes will do the trick!
  • Find a good tanning mit:  I like this one from St Moriz.  Sometimes I get lazy and don’t use a tanning mit to apply my tan, but I have to wash my hands multiple times to get the bronze hue washed off completely. If you want to play it safe, get a mit. 
  • Make sure you are freshly shaved. If you apply sunless lotion to your legs and have to shave them a couple days later – say bye bye to your tan.
  • Let the solution soak in for at least 7-8 hours before you hop in the shower.
  • Watch out for the skin around your mouth: For some reason, every time I apply my own spray tan and I rub evenly around my mouth, this area get’s extra dark. It may be because it’s dryer in the area than the rest of my face, but it’s not pretty. So apply lightly around your lips so that you don’t get an orange chin!
  • Stay moisturized: They day after you apply your tan, make sure you are applying lotion to your body at least once a day to maintain the tan. Not only does this help your tan stay longer, but it prevents you from looking scaly. 

 vita liberata review

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  1. Annamarie V says:
    The only self tanning I have done is on my face, I would love to try new products and have a nice tan year round.
  2. Marty C says:
    I'm really paranoid about using self-tanner on the facial area. If you mess up and get streaky, it's so conspicuous, and things like ears are so tricky. It's great for arms and legs, though.
  3. susan smoaks says:
    i just try not to get orange
  4. DENISE W says:
    Don't overdo it. You can't backtrack easily after applying self-tanner.
  5. Ashley C says:
    Take your time! if you rush it you are sure to mess up!
  6. Tanya devenney says:
    I would love to try this product, the ones i used before gave me a orange tint.
  7. Cindy Peterson says:
    Use a mitt—and don’t forget to wipe off your nails
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  9. My tip is to take your time when applying. 2 thin coats spread out is way better than 1 messy coat.
  10. Arielle says:
    Always put lots of thin layers, not one thick layer.
    1. Sarah Baker says:
      Love this idea!
  11. Danielle D says:
    Its better for you.
  12. Lauren says:
    I confess that I have been a self tanner junkie for 15 years, and Vita Liberata is by far the BEST I've every tried! Better than a professional spray tan!
    1. Sarah Baker says:
      That is awesome to hear that you have tried them before!! I love how their color looks so natural!
  13. chris z says:
    take your time
  14. karen mayernick says:
    Use it very very sparingly until you achieve your desired color. If you rush it, you will turn orange! Thank you for the opportunity!
  15. Ruy M. says:
    My tip is to exfoliate your body with a sugar or salt scrub thoroughly before applying a self tanner.
  16. Colleen Boudreau says:
    Shave and exfoliate the day before.
  17. Erica B. says:
    Fake tanning is better!
  18. Heather Manheim says:
    I've actually not tried self tanning before, so am anxious to try. I want to get a nice color and glow to my skin before my wedding in Feb., and I was not happy with spray tan! Too orange, and the color came off so splotchy! (Wouldn't be cute when it's wearing off during the honeymoon, and I'm in a bikini!)
  19. Jenny says:
    I always exfoliate in the shower before so it goes on more smoothly.
  20. Amy Deeter says:
    i actually never tried it so this would be a first for me. can't wait to give it a try
  21. anna powell says:
    circular rubbing is the trick
  22. Megan Zuchowski says:
    My tip is always pick a shade close to your natural color!
  23. Sydney says:
    Always pick a shade next to you natural color
  24. Nikki says:
    Exfoliate before!
  25. Mary Beth Elderton says:
    I have never done self-tanning. My tip about using a bronzer is to stick fairly close to a natural skin color.
  26. jill rivera says:
    I shave and exfoliate the day before to make sure you don't get streaks.
  27. Danielle Magee says:
    Be sure to exfoliate before applying self tanner.
  28. Tandi Cortez-Rios says:
    Gloves are a must! I learned the hard way! lol
  29. Cheryll Shubert says:
    Don't forget to wash your hands! I cannot tell you how awful that is, lol! My little guy knoocked over a speaker and I ran out into the livingroom, got distracted, had orange hands in less than five minutes!!

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