Why Empowering Others is Key, and How to Take Action With Your Goals By: kelly lynn adams



Hi I am Kelly Lynn Adams, founder of www.KellyLynnAdams.com, after more than 10 years in corporate finance I was over-worked, stressed-out and had hit multiple auto-immune diseases, anxiety and depression. I decided to turn my life around and take my passion for business, deep love for entrepreneurship and my mission to serve to create my own brand. I am a professional business coach, writer and speaker. I help women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders overcome struggles and obstacles that block their path to success, with a spiritual twist.  My mission is to leave a legacy for the next generation to come by helping one woman and one business at a time realize they can have, be and do anything that they desire.


              BB:  What is the best way women can empower other women?

  I think the best way for women to empower women is standing together and raising each other up. The most important way women can make an impact in this world and empower not just other women but other people is to make sure they bring their talents, gifts and service into the world. There are so many people in this world that need your service, healing and help. If you are not sharing your love, gifts and talents to the world you are doing a disservice to the people who really need you. Another way to empower others is to be a positive example for children and others who look up to us.


      BB:   What is the biggest obstacle you have faced as a career woman? How did you overcome it?

The biggest struggle I have faced as a career woman is constantly controlling, planning and working all the time. It is so easy when you love what you are doing to want to work and plan all the time; and even easier to want to try and control the outcome and results. I am still a work in progress but I have learned in order to overcome this the most important thing to do is to stay in the present moment. How to do this is to listen to your body, breathe and not allow your thoughts to future trip. I have learned to surrender, allow and trust that the Universe always has my back and everything is working out for my highest good. Sometimes we think that things are happing to us, when really EVERYTHING is happening FOR us. If you need to shift your mindset about a particular situation, a great question to ask yourself is “what is the opportunity/lesson that I need to learn here”?


   BB: What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Success loves Speed.

This means get into action before you are ready, it is progress not perfection and if you are waiting for everything to be perfect you will never get into action and see results. If you make a mistake and fail, which you will, this is so much better to learn from then if you never took action. And find a mentor/coach to work with that will help you get to that next level in your business and life — this is absolutely a game changer.


      BB:  Greatest advice on how to live a the good life?

Life is short. Love the people who are in your life. Have fun. Allow. Trust. Surrender. Take action in order to make sh*t happen. And count your blessings as you are not promised tomorrow.


      BB:   How do you maintain The Balanced Babe lifestyle? 

 I maintain The Balanced Babe lifestyle by listening to my body, managing my schedule and tuning into what my needs and desires are. My body has been my biggest teacher, it lets me know when I am doing too much or when I have more energy and I can take on more. I make sure to eat healthy, exercise and take “me time” regularly as this helps me to serve at my highest potential. You are your own best asset, so I always make sure to take time for my health and well being. You can not help others if you are not helping  yourself first.


BB:  How do you keep your fit figure?

I make it a point to treat my body as a temple. I eat healthy, move my body and feed my soul. Of course there are times where I fall off the wagon and might not eat so healthy or move my body, but the next day I start over again, forgive myself and I do not beat myself up over my bad decisions.

            BB:   What are your top 3 stay healthy tips while traveling?

Getting enough sleep, eating as healthy as you can and moving your body with some form of exercise, walking or yoga.


          BB: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Many more programs, workshops and speaking engagements to help empower women and our future generations to come. A book. And some very FUN challenges and opportunities to work with me and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. You can stay connected to what is coming up by signing up to be a part of my VIP list, www.KellyLynnAdams.com

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