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Youth H2o, The Fountain of Youth?

There are so many supplements on the market that it can make your head spin. This requires health nuts like myself to constantly be on the hunt for what’s good, what is backed up by medical professionals, and has whole and natural ingredients.

This is what brought me to come upon Youth H2o. When I discovered Youth H2o, I was immediately intrigued because of its simple ingredients that had a significant amount of power behind them: purple corn, organic maca, and organic camu camu, taurine, and potassium sorbate. Now, potassium sorbate might raise a red flag with people that are avid ingredient readers, but, according to The Honest Blog,  “the toxicity in potassium sorbate is comparable to table salt.” You can read more about potassium sorbate,  here!

The real power houses behind Youth H2o that I want to note on is the maca, camu camu and purple corn. Purple corn has been shown to have cell-protecting antioxidants, according to HerbalGram (link to more information). Maca is thought to balance hormones and increase fertility. Wellness Mama goes into detail about Maca and what you can expect from consuming it. Camu Camu is thought to fight inflammation and protect your immune system, according to! Youth H20 is also vegan, gluten free and caffeine free.

Youth h20
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Now, with the breakdown of the ingredients of Youth H20, you must be pretty excited to try it out! I myself, had the pleasure of trying a months worth of the Youth H20 supplement, and am thrilled to share my findings with you. The Youth H20 supplement comes in a liquid form and can be consumed as either a shot, or mixed in with your morning green juice or smoothie. The taste is quite lovely (but is better chilled), and isn’t too sweet.

After two weeks of drinking one “shot” a day, I felt energetic, and my skin started to have a slight glow. After the month, my usual stress breakouts were a little less noticeable, and I felt lighter and balanced. The most important thing to remember when taking any supplement though, is that you can’t feed yourself whatever you desire (processed foods and empty carbs) then follow your poor diet with a supplement to expect changes.

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Photo Source: Youth H20


Supplements are meant to compliment and enhance your diet, so along with taking Youth H2o, you should be including as many plant based products in your diet as you can. And treating your body with self care, your body is what you have to live in your whole life. Why damage it? Balance yourself with Youth H2o.

 I want one of you to experience it too! Youth H2o is giving away one months worth of supplements to one of you Balanced Babes, and I get to host it! In order to enter, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States. The giveaway will end next Wednesday the 30th at midnight, and the winner will be chosen Thursday May 1st!  Good luck!



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Disclaimer: Youth H2osent me complimentary samples to taste. All thoughts, opinions, and writings are my own.

17 comments on “Win It Wednesday: Youth H2o

  • Sarah L , Direct link to comment
    I could use some more energy. I promise to keep eating right. Thanks for the contest.
  • Kasey Clark , Direct link to comment
    Wow, thanks for explaining your experience with this product. I have been wanting to try Youth H2O for a while now. This seemingly magical camu camu sounds super intriguing! And thanks for doing this giveaway!
  • One Months worth of Youth H2O supplement Giveaway | Just Sweep , Direct link to comment
  • Patryce , Direct link to comment
    I've heard so many good things about this product. Never fully got my body on track after having my son 4 years ago. It's been off and on dieting. Trying to get back on the right track!
  • Amber , Direct link to comment
    This would be a good complement to my fitness and health journey. Plus any added energy will definitely help. Hope I win.
  • Marilu , Direct link to comment
    Thank You for giving away a month of Youth H20 I hope I'm the chosen one Good Luck to all :)
  • Brittney House , Direct link to comment
    I've been feeling really sluggish and tired lately, which makes me look tired and I would like to give myself some pep.
  • Jessica Ruggiero , Direct link to comment
    I always so tired so could definitely use some energy! Would love to give this a try!
  • Krystal R , Direct link to comment
    It sounds like a great product and a month supply would be a great amount of time to try it and see it if I want to add it to my ageless regimen! Thanks for the info and the contest!
  • carmela , Direct link to comment
    I would love to have more energy since I will be doing more traveling to the beach.
  • Jennifer , Direct link to comment
    I am married to an active duty marine and I work in the Company Office for the Military Police who also work with Civilian Police Officers on base . Would love to be able to tell them about something amazing to give them energy instead of all the COFFEE , MONSTERS, ROCKSTARS ETC... that they consume daily .
    • Sarah Baker , Direct link to comment
      Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the comment! Have you told them about Matcha green tea? That will give them good amounts of energy without the jitters!

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