15 Healthy (For The Most Part) Easter Treats

15 healthy easter treats

Is it bad that I still ask my mom for an Easter Basket even though I’m 27?? I don’t think I’ll stop this request anytime soon either. I still love being a child at heart. 

Easter is one of my favorite holidays (maybe I say this about every holiday) and I have such fond, amazing memories of this special day throughout my childhood. Eating pistachio pudding cake, flying kites outside, hunting for eggs and opening my Easter basket, the list goes on! I’m so very excited to continue these traditions for my own family some day too 🙂

The absolutely number one thing I love about Easter though, is all of the pastel colored sweets and treats I indulge in all day and night. Peeps, candied eggs, peanut butter eggs, the list goes on. To celebrate this special holiday I’m rounding up 15 healthier (and some just plain indulgent) Easter treats to try this weekend! Easter wouldn’t be Easter without indulging in at least 5 of these. 


Easter egg covered chocolate strawberries by Joyful Healthy Eats

If you love coloring Easter eggs, you’ll love coloring the chocolate for these chocolate covered strawberries as well! 

15 healthy easter treats

Easter bunny popcorn bars by It Bakes Me Happy

This is the perfect blend of salty and sweet mixing the flavors of popcorn, graham crackers and sweet marshmallow. 

15 healthy easter treats

No-bake peanut butter nest cookies from Joy Food Sunshine 

This recipe calls for only 8 ingredients and are topped with the cutest Easter egg candies! 

15 healthy easter treats

Flourless carrot breakfast cake by The Big Man’s World

Vanilla protein powder is incorporated into the frosting of this flourless cake, making it totally acceptable to eat in the morning. 

15 healthy easter treats

Bunny bait snack mix by Yummy Healthy Easy

This is such a cute snack for kids, guys. It can be easily whipped up using cereal, pretzels, white chocolate and M&M’s.

15 healthy easter treats

Easy apple fruit donuts by Hello Wonderful

Honestly you can just tell your kiddies that these are special donuts – they’ll never know the difference!

15 healthy easter recipes

Rice Krispies Easter cups by Lil Luna

If you love Rice Krispies then this is the treat for you. Pure sweet indulgence with an Easter flare. 

15 healthy easter treats

Pastel cashew cream no-bake bars by Food Faith Fitness

These no bake bars contain protein and eeeeeven sneak in spinach! It’s true!

15 healthy easter treats

Peeps popcorn by Grain Changer

You can’t have Easter without eating Peeps. Here’s a super creative way to incorporate Peeps into a cute little Easter treat. 

15 healthy easter treats

Healthier dirt cups by Happy Food Healthy Life

You didn’t live the ultimate child-hood if you’ve never tried dirt cups. Even if you missed out, you can re-create a healthier version of one of my absolute favorite dessert, Easter style. 

15 healthy easter treats

Homemade marshmallow peeps by The Things We’ll Make

Uplevel your Peep game by making them at home yourself. This recipe even gives it a Paleo twist.

  15 healthy easter treats

Peanut butter Easter eggs by Butter With A Side Of Bread

This is a healthier rendition of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Easter eggs, and they look super flippin’ fun to make.

15 healthy easter treats

Easter yogurt breakfast popsicles by Eats Amazing

These Popsicles legitimately look like they’re made with pure chocolate, but the main ingredient is actually yogurt! 


Easter egg sugar cookies by Ahead Of Thyme

I can’t have an Easter roundup without sugar cookies! These are so pretty I almost wouldn’t want to eat them. 


No-bake mini pastel cheesecakes by Sugar Hero

Last but not least, this beauty of a recipe!! Wow is all I can say. I would want to freeze dry these things and just leave them on display for the whole month of April.

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