5 Ways To Be Balanced In February

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I tend to have a love hate relationship with February. On one hand, Valentine’s day is this month – meaning that I get to feel extra feminine, get dolled up and put on a romantic dinner display at home with my man. On the other hand, it’s a cold and gloomy month where the snowing doesn’t seem to stop and the weather is just crummy (with no festive Christmas activities to partake in). 

So in order to combat any seasonal depression, I want to share some various ways that we can all bring more balance and wellness into our lives in February! Enjoy!

chocolate covered strawberries

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1: Add more dark chocolate to your life: Didyou know that cacao is packed with antioxidants but can also lift your mood?! Add some more cacao to your life by making these nutrient dense chocolate covered strawberries. 

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2: Having a moment to be alone: I know some people get their energy from others, but I re-energize and feel the most invigorated when I have solitude and alone time. I can literally spend the entire day alone, going through my favorite self-care routines,  walking through the city and window shopping, taking some time to meditate, or simply snuggling on my couch and gazing out my window.


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3: Experiment with the latest trend in natural face oil – squalane: I’ve been reading all about squalane lately and how it’s the new miracle worker for hair and skin health. It’s supposed to be super light weight, absorbs easily, is a serious hydrator and can soothe skin after you shave dem  legginzz. 

self-care february

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4: Feel extra glamorous by slipping into silky comfortable pajamas after work. I love this set from Nordstrom.

golden-milkPhoto from Waitingonmartha.com

5: Curl up on the couch with a warming and nourishing golden milk. Since I don’t eat much dairy, I like making a plant-based variation of the popular golden milk recipe – this one from Waiting on Martha is creamy and dreamy. 


6: Add some life to your living space with succulents or fresh flowers. It is the month of love after all, and flowers bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

vision boardPhoto from theglitterguide.com

7: Host a vision board making party with girlfriends. Round up some magazines, champagne, some munchies, and start creating! 



8: Adding some extra nutrients to your coffee. Adding supplements, herbs, collagen, oils, and all sorts of new healthy ingredients to your coffee is actually a thing now. Want to try it for yourself? Check out this maca latte recipe.


9: Perk yourself up by trying some acupressure for fatigue. Friday can make a lot of us feel extra bleh. So to combat the gloomies this month try out some acupressure techniques that will help perk you right up like this one! 

pearl powder

10: Add some pearl powder to your beauty routines and smoothies. Pearl powder has so many wonderful beauty benefits! I love using it in the wintertime as it helps minimize redness and inflammation, and is also linked to reducing wrinkles. Holler!


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