My Home Revamp Guide. Part 1


There’s a lot of changes coming in 2018 let me tell ya! One already in the works is my newest addition to the family – Mr. Tater Tot. Having a new puppy in my home is requiring me to “puppy proof” my space. AKA getting all my sh*t in order!

Not only do I have a little pup roaming around my space now, I just want to start fun home projects in general to turn my living space into the ultimate sanctuary. So join me on the journey of Feng Shui, organizing, DIY projects and more. I hope this home wish-list and to-do list of mine inspires you to create one of your own!

1st – I’m going to clear out energy. 2017 was a bit of a whirl wind for me which ultimately lead to an unbalanced life (too many nights out living it up and not enough nights dedicated to my work – to put it frankly). I was a single girl in a city of bitch boys, and boy did it take me for a ride. Perhaps I’ll write a longer post on that to share some laughs with y’all later, but the point is that I experienced a lot of different emotional energies in my home and need to clear them the heck out in order to bring in fresh energy, abundance, and positivity! So how will I clear out energy in my home this year, you ask?

  • Sage stick: I’m gonna smudge the be-jesus out of my space with sage. The ritual of burning sage goes back to ancient times and has been used to cleanse the energy of groups of people, individuals, and spaces. BUT there’s also a science to it! It is known to actually clear out the bacteria in the air – literally clearing up to 94% of bacteria in the air. It literally disinfects the air. It also works like a Himalayan salt lamp, releasing negative ions to help put us in better moods.
  • Scatter black tourmaline around: This specific crystal is said to absorb negative energy like a sponge. So I’ll place a few throughout the space and will report back on if any woo woo things happen.
  • Clearing out the clutter, obvi: When the clutter is cleared out, your space feels lighter and brighter, as many of us know. We need space in our home for energy to move and flow freely, if it cannot then it can make us feel stuck in a rut.  But I’m going to make de-cluttering its own category so here goes.


2nd – Keeping my space clear by purging.

  • I go to the first part of my home that is calling my name most– and to me that’s my front closet. So far we’ve installed a better shoe rack which has cleared up space, but I want to take it to the next level and make it even more organized with bins and boxes that are dedicated for specific items.
  • Declutter the rest – I’m pretty good at not spending tons of new clothes all the time etc. I’m starting to become a minimalist with my possessions as I’d rather spend money on moments and things like Tater. Since my clothes and accessories are already pretty decluttered, my number one priority is to organize all of my drawers and file folders. I love to write things down as I move along in my business but that means a lot of papers – which means constant organizing. Does anyone else have this issue?


3rd – Adding more Feng Shui elements:

  • Zen den: I want to create a little “zen den” somewhere in my home – still trying to figure out just the right spot (I’m thinking where my Christmas tree currently is), but I want a space that I can meditate, read, do yoga, journal, color/create, and be cozy in with my pups. I want to add warm colors, soft textures, calming smells like vanilla incense cones, crystals, calming literature and more.
  • Crystals. Not only do I want to experiment with black tourmaline, I want to add additional stones like clear quartz to inspire clarity if I’m going through a foggy time of life, grounding hematite crystal to bring me a sense of confidence to be even keel through stressful situations,
  • More plants – I’m still trying to figure out how not to kill them all, and when is the ideal time to water plants, but the more plants I have in my home the better I feel and the fresher the air seems to be!


4th – Planning fun home projects:

Last on my list is planning all of my DIY home projects coming up! Some DIY projects that I’ll be sharing coming up – our balcony revamp, turning our bedroom into a jungle sanctuary (also my zen den), and allllll sorts of other BIG home surprises! Do you have any fun home projects coming up? Share with me in the comments below – let’s get inspired <3

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