7 Special Birthday Gift Ideas for Your BFF

gift guide for your bff

Your best friend has been there for you through thick and thin, and you want to show her how grateful you are to have her in your life. Make her birthday the best it can be with a thoughtful gift she’s sure to love.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your BFF

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1. Personalize Her Gift

Give her something that’s all her own with a perfectly personalized gift. Ordering a customized item from Personal Creations is easy, inexpensive, and tailored to your bestie. There’s a variety of items available for customization, including, wall art, pillows, wine glasses, and bags. She’ll love that you took the time to put a special touch on her gift and there’s plenty of options to fulfill a variety of her practical needs.

gift ideas for your bff
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2. A Timely Present

If you’ve never seen her not sporting some accessories, a stylish watch from Daniel Wellington is sure to please. Select a leather band that can double as jewelry and help her spruce up any outfit in a jiffy. If she loves going for a classic look, the Classy St. Mawes watch is an elegant choice, and the brown leather will go with any outfit.

gift guide for your bff

3. Spa weekend

If money is tight and you can’t afford to splurge for a true spa experience, create your very own spa treatment for the both of you in the comfort of your home. A night of pampering is just the ticket to make her birthday a success. Light some candles, play some ambient music, cut some cucumbers for your eyes, and spend the night soaking up some well-needed relaxation.

gift ideas for your bff
source: Kate Spade Instagram

4. Kate Spade Accessories

If your BFF is the queen of girly accessories, loves all things pink and gold, and can’t resist a snarky or clever statement written across her favorite items, Kate Spade offers a wide variety of gifts she’s sure to love. Whether it’s a white and gold tumbler built to satisfy all her beverage needs, or a daily notebook that’s almost too cute to write in, there’s no doubt you’ll find something she’ll love—and probably something for yourself along the way.

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5. Road Trip Of A Lifetime

Plan a road trip with your bestie. This cost-efficient trip will show you new sights and give you both plenty of quality bonding time. Your destination can be a place you’ve always talked about visiting, or maybe somewhere you’ve both been before that she absolutely loved. Wherever it might be, pack snacks, make the perfect road trip playlist, and hit the pavement. Make sure you bring along all the balanced beauty items you both will need while you take a healthy, relaxing break from the real world. Treat her to a delicious meal in your hotel, or splurge and get your nails done.

gift guide for your bff
Me Rappelling Down 28 flights on the side of a building!

6. Adventure Weekend

Did you two bond over your similar daredevil antics? Or is she the brave one in the friendship? Whatever the case, booking an exciting adventure gift will be a surprise she didn’t see coming. Whether it be a kayaking excursion to explore caves, speeding around in race cars, or going up into the sky on a hot air balloon, you’ve got options. Make it a group affair and pitch in with a few of your other friends. Plan a river cruise, or book her a skydiving session. These out-there birthday gift ideas are unexpected and definitely appreciated. Think of what your bestie loves to do—or has always wanted to—and make it happen.

gift guide for your bff
source: gingernonutsbits.blogspot.com

7. Memento Box

If you’ve been best friends for a long time, you’ve probably amassed a collection of memories. Create a memento box and fill it with items from past events you’ve attended together, fill it with candies you loved when you were little, and print out pictures from long ago that she’s forgotten about. Make a CD with the best songs from your high school years, or throw in ticket stubs you may have lying around from concerts you saw together. This thoughtful gift is a true expression of your friendship, and don’t be surprised if it inspires a few tears—only happy ones, of course!

Finding the perfect gift for your best friend is a big task, but with these guidelines, you should be able to find the ideal option she’ll appreciate for years to come.

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