What Exactly is Wheatgrass?


Wheatgrass: We know it’s good for you;  we know it tastes like..well..grass; and we know that it can be bought  in capsule form, powder form, or in its natural form to juice or blend with smoothies. But here’s the kicker – what is it, really? We hear other terms like “gluten” , “high glycemic” and know on a basic level that we should “stay away from those foods”, but many may not have a clue what these terms actually are.

Wouldn’t you feel more confident about your nutritional and supplement choices if you got down to the nitty gritty to research the affects of specific foods or molecules in foods? That is why here at Balanced Babe we provide you with the research and knowledge so that you feel better about the choices you make and the dietary trends you experiment with.  With that said,

What exactly is wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is literally grass, young grass from a wheat plant. It is jam packed with amino acids, enzymes, almost 100 minerals. When juiced, wheatgrass is super potent and the benefits are packed into just one fluid ounce. Crazy, I know!  Wheatgrass is a plant-based disease and ailment ass kicker,  skim the reasons why we love this superfood below, you might even find a giveaway at the end. Wink Wink.


Wheatgrass benefits for our skin:

Regenerates skin cells: This can help with acne, scars, eczema, and skin tone.

Accelerates healing: Wheatgrass is noted to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood which stimulates circulation and cellular turnover.

Helps with saggy and aging skin: The Hippocrates Institute noted that the use of wheatgrass can slow the aging process of our skin and prevent saggy, loose elasticity.  

Wheatgrass benefits for our digestion & detoxification:

Liver detox: Aids in liver health with help from its enzymes and amino acids.  Some believe that it neutralizes toxins in the body.

Gut rehab:  The digestive enzyme, lipase, is found in wheatgrass. This enzyme is thought to help with fat burning.

Appetite suppression:  Some believe that wheatgrass helps shut off a hypothetical part of the brain called the appestat.


Wheatgrass benefits for health and vitality:

Immunity booster:  Wheatgrass is a living anti-bacterial food that boosts cellular health and provides protection for our immune system.

Blood sugar stabilizer:  Wheatgrass is noted to stabilize lipid and glucose levels which helps with stabilized blood sugar.

– Energy enhancer:  Increased circulation and more oxygen in our blood can lead to reduced fatigue and increased energy.


How to use wheatgrass: 

  • Add it to your smoothies
  • Put a teaspoon in your next home made face fask
  • Take it straight as an energy boosting shot (juiced from live wheatgrass, of course)
  • Enjoy it as a supplement!

Have you tried wheatgrass before? What are some ways that you like to incorporate it into your routine?


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Hippocrates Institute


Disclaimer: PINES sent me complimentary samples to experiment with, all writings and thoughts are my own.


17 comments on “What Exactly is Wheatgrass?

  • Anna S. , Direct link to comment
    I have never tried wheatgrass but would love to be able to! As far as other superfoods...I'm drawing a blank. any and all?
  • Angie Jerde , Direct link to comment
    I would love this...thanks for the giveaway! I want to know more about goji juice and maca powder : )
    • balancedbabe , Direct link to comment
      Great Angie! Goji Juice and Maca powder will be coming up soon in an article!
  • Kasey Clark , Direct link to comment
    I love wheatgrass because it is one of those super easy, quick things you can do to boost immunity and overall wellbeingeveryday. Next, I would like to learn about something I have recently heard about called camu camu.
    • balancedbabe , Direct link to comment
      Thank you Kasey! We will get to work on Camu Camu research and share our findings soon!
  • Sara , Direct link to comment
    I love the feeling I get after drinking wheatgrass- it's like having a shot of espresso with no jitters or crash, it just gives you a boost of good energy.
  • Jacquelyn Neuffer , Direct link to comment
    I would love to try this out after reading about all of the benefits!
  • Emily Morelli , Direct link to comment
    I would like to learn more about natural ways to supplement without chemical vitamins.
  • courtney gibson , Direct link to comment
    I really want to learn more about natural ways to help heal cavity's and over all oral health.
  • Natalie Applewhite , Direct link to comment
    I would love to learn more about chia seeds. Thanks for the giveaway! :)
  • Noor Azlina , Direct link to comment
    I really like your blog.WheatGrass contains high amount of Chlorophyll and research shows that presence of Wheatgrass Chlorophyll reduces the harmful effects of radiation.
  • auraorganicstore , Direct link to comment
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