Flower Essence Therapy: Utilizing The Healing Energy Of Plants


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What do you do when you’re feeling stressed out? I like to take an epsom salt bath, use essential oils, and even take a hot yoga class. Sometimes I usually indulge in a spa night and use different remedies for my mind, body and soul. Lately I’ve been creating and playing around with different flower infusions when I make face oils or masks, and flower essences are making a splash in many of my calming rituals.

Every time I experience something that calms me or resonates with my beauty and wellness rituals, I love passing it along to my readers.  After experimenting with various herbs and  Flower Essence Therapy, I think the benefits and uses of flower essences will help the Balanced Babe community learn about new modalities of healing.

What Is Flower Essence Therapy?

First, flower essence therapy is not considered aromatherapy, which uses the “scent” of the plants for holistic healing.  Flower Essence remedies utilize the “energy” of the plants for its healing power. The original founder of flower essence therapy was Dr. Edward Bach who developed the Bach Flower Remedy System.  His belief was that conflicted emotion was the source of disease and that flower essence therapy would allow the body to find its natural state of health.

Most practitioners of holistic medicine consider flower essence therapy as a “vibrational” medicine just like water, sunlight and certain foods. So they often use this type of vibrational therapy to help balance the body’s own energy. As living energy, each type of flower has a distinct energy or imprint.

My  Two Favorite Flower Essences.

Lavender essence: Lavender is a grounding and calming flower that cleanses our vibrational energy. It’s great for times of feeling mentally and spiritually drained.

Calendula essence: Calendula promotes healing and forgiveness. It promotes clear communication and is useful to use when making big decisions.
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How Is Flower Essence Made?

There are two ways that you can create your own flower essence.

Sun Method: Float the flower heads in direct sunlight for three hours, using the purest water you have available.  This method is best for the more delicate flowers.

Boiling Method: Boil the flowering twigs of the more woodsy, sturdier plants for half an hour.  Again in the purest water you can find.  I personally use bottled “spring” or “distilled” water.

The idea behind the preparation of flower essence is that the “energy” in the flowers is being transferred to the water by the heat (sun or boiling water).

Next: Mix equal amounts of this flower water mixture with an equal amount of brandy.  Oh Yes, I said brandy.  This mix is called the “mother tincture”.

Then you need to take the mother tincture mix and further dilute it with more brandy by the  ratio of 30 ml of brandy to two drops of mother tincture according to Dr. Bach’s method.   The end result is a beautiful flower essence!

As the Bach Center so aptly put it: “It’s a simple process, and doesn’t require special preparation or special abilities. All that’s needed is sunshine, water, brandy, bottles, and the right plant on the right day”.

flower-essenceHow To Use Flower Essence:

Flower essences can be applied topically, added to water, juice or food and also taken straight up.  For those that don’t want to make their own essence, there are flower essence remedies sold at health stores and online. You might want to check out books on the subject of flower essence therapy before embarking on this holistic therapy.

What Are the Benefits?

Holistic healing is all about achieving mind and body balance by using natural and generally safe practices that in most cases won’t interact negatively with over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Using specific flowers allows you the flexibility of treating specific issues.  Most practitioners use flower essence therapy until they feel balance is restored.  As an example, using the Bach method: Honeysuckle would be used if you live in the past; Wild Rose for resignation and apathy; or Mustard when you are in a deep funk.

DISCLAIMER:  This post is the opinion of Balanced Babe based on her review of research on the subject and is not a substitute for medical care, and should not be viewed as diagnosis or treatment of any condition. You can find many books on the subject of flower essence therapy and it is recommended that you have more details before embarking on a new holistic therapy.

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