These Foods Contain Nutrients That Support Clear Skin and Help Turn Food Into Fuel



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One thing I’m being mindful of lately is water soluble vitamins. If you’re not aware of this term, water soluble vitamins are vitamins that your body does not store naturally, so they are needed in your daily diet. A major group of water soluble vitamins is the B Complex. They are essential to have in our diet as they support many different functions in our body. B complex vitamins help us turn food into energy, they support our nervous system, give us healthy hair skin and nails, and are even tied to lowering our chances of experiencing a stroke.  

So to ensure that you’re getting enough of this vitamin group in your day, I’m rounding up food sources for the various B vitamins and the benefits of each type. A lot of us don’t know where to begin when it comes to eating a nutrient rich diet, so you can use this as a quick little guide on recipes to make to ensure that you’re getting an important vitamin group in your day! 

B-1: Thiamine:

Thiamine helps us metabolize carbs (so when you’re carb loading you can pop a B complex vitamin afterwards). It also helps us produce new cells and acts as a protector for our immune system and nervous system.

Quinoa and asparagus are both rich in B1, so you can whip up this asparagus crunch bowl to reap the benefits: Asparagus Crunch Bowl

Additional sources of B1 include lentils and grains if your vegan, and fish and eggs.

B2: Riboflavin:

Riboflavin is a beauty vitamin as it gives your hair skin and nails a nourishment boost. B2 also helps us metabolize fat, carbs and protein. It also helps our body create red blood cells which helps us carry more oxygen throughout our body which helps with natural energy levels and circulation.

Spinach and mushrooms are both rich in B2, so you can add these veggies to your morning omelette, or saute spinach and mushroom together as a side dish.

Niacin promotes skin health (some believe it may help treat acne) and nervous system health. It also assists with energy creation from the food we eat.

Green beans are rich in niacin so you can make a big ol dish of this healthier rendition of a Green Bean Casserole.

Additional niacin rich foods include dried apricots, lima beans, broccoli and tomatoes.

B5:  Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid also helps us turn food into fuel and acts as a beauty vitamin by containing  anti-aging properties and reducing redness / sagging skin.

Cauliflower is rich in B5 and if you want to go low carb you can whip up this turmeric cauliflower riceThis winter macro bowl is packed with vitamin B complex foods like quinoa, mushrooms and avocado. Sweet potato is also rich in B5 so you can whip up these sweet potato nachos.

B6: Pyridoxine

Pyridoxine helps us metabolize proteins, and helps us produce serotonin which regulates our sleep schedule and nervous system health. Some studies also show that it may help reduce inflammation as well.

Pistachios are rich in B6, so you can whip up a pistachio oatmeal bowl. 

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Biotin, as many know, is an ultimate hair skin and nail vitamin. Many women take biotin supplements because it may increase cellular growth thus helping hair and nails grow stronger and longer. Besides biotin’s beauty benefits, it may also help with blood glucose levels for those who have diabetes.

Walnuts are rich in biotin so you can make these easy peasy apple energy balls that are packed with walnuts.

Plant-based sources of biotin include potatoes, nuts, and cauliflower. Additional sources include poultry, fish and egg yolks.

B9 Folic Acid:

Folic acid is another b vitamin that is essential for DNA synthesis which is why it is such a predominant vitamin in a prenatal supplement.

Various types of greens are rich in folic acid like collard and mustard greens, so you can make a big bowl of these mixed greens. A lot of plant-based goodies are rich in folic acid like: mushrooms, green beans, dates, peas, asparagus, beets and parsnips.

B12: Cobalamin

B12 if you are vegan, may be a vitamin that is widely discussed as it is not naturally found in many vegan sources. B12 helps iron work in tip top shape to create the protein that carries oxygen throughout our body. It’s mainly found in animal products such as dairy, eggs, beef and fish. There are many vegan foods that are fortified with B12 like cereals and protein shakes, and if you take a vitamin B complex supplement you’ll also be getting your daily dose of B12 as well.

This post is in partnership with Setton Farms. All writing direction and opinions are my own. 

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