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    Alright ladies, I will admit that I used to be the girl that would bounce around from salon to salon trying to find the perfect hair stylist. I tend to have a hard time finding a place that I can stick with because being a blonde, hair color can be quite tricky. Sometimes my color can end up looking brassy, sometimes the perimeter of my hair line breaks because the stylist used too much color and didn’t rinse it off soon enough, and sometimes I just leave feeling like half of my mane was ripped off because I was man-handled by the blow drying station brush.

   Sooo when I came across Custom Hair Lounge in Lincoln Park, I rejoiced and squealed and nuzzled my hair whispering that it’s out of danger’s way now. This hair salon is beyond green, they pretty much recycle everything. From actual hair clippings, to leftover hair dye, they have a designated recycling box for it all. They make this happen by working with GreenCircleSalons.com, a very cool company on a mission to make the salon industry sustainable.



   I met with Nevena Roth, the founder and Artistic Director of Custom Hair Lounge and we chatted about everything holistic. She is not only  passionate about using plant-based hair color and all natural products, she is also a fan of practicing holistic modalities within her personal life as well.  I wanted to pick her brain about how we can protect our hair from the harsh winter temperatures, and I am excited to share her expert advice with you:


Holistic Tips for Winter Hair Health

1: Nourish with oils- some of her favorite oils:Mustard oil + Almond oil + Vitamin A + E

  • Vitamin A helps seal the cuticle to help with fine hair and breakage
  • Spinach Extract can help with scalp conditions like oily or irritated skin
  • Lavender Oil is great for soothing scalp treatments

2: Prevent dry strands by using a paddle brush to distribute oils. Brushing will also stimulate your circulation which could lead to healthier hair growth.

3: Maintain a healthy scalp by letting loose: wearing ponytails all the time can cause psoriasis in the area where your scalp isn’t getting the oxygen through the hair follicle.

4: Tell your stylist to give you a straight cut trim, not a razor cut: getting a trim that is cut straight across the ends will help carry oxygen to our roots through our strands for improved hair growth. Trimming hair with a razor or using the “feathering” technique will give your ends a slanted cut which isn’t optimal if you are trying to get length.

5: Use a natural deep mask once a week: Use this natural remedy to keep your hair healthy and protected this winter..

Hair Mask for For Dry, Brittle Hair

Mix together in non metal bowl:

1 spoon Mustard oil

1 spoon of Coconut oil

1 spoon of Vitamin E oil

1 spoon of Vitamin A oil

hair Warm it up  until all the ingredients are warm  and pleasant to the touch.  Apply a generous amount  starting from the ends of your dry brittle hair strands  than follow and apply to the roots of your scalp.

 Massage it gently and cover up with shower cap  and warm towel fro 45 min to an hour. Rinse your  hair and shampoo with your favorite shampoo and  conditioner. The shine and moisture in your hair will last  for up to one week and will create bouncy and shiny hair.  The treatment is also incredible for dry itchy scalp add 1  spoon of almond oil to the mix for best results. It is not  recommended for very fine hair but it is color safe and  keratin safe.

 6: Prevent residue buildup: Everything from  hairspray to shampoo can leave unwanted residue  behind. If your hair gets weighed down easily or never  feels clean, try a baking soda rinse to get rid of that extra  residue. Mix two tablespoons baking soda with about a  half cup of water, then massage the mixture into the hair  from the scalp to ends. Let this mixture set for fifteen  minutes, then rinse and wash as usual. This treatment can  be applied twice a month, or whenever hair is needing  some extra cleaning.

 7: Kick that itch to the curb: Scalps can itch for many  reasons, including an allergic reaction to hair products,  stress, and dry weather. This olive oil and lemon mixture  will reduce flaking and add some extra moisture for dry  skin. Combine two tablespoons of lemon juice (fresh is  best), olive oil, and water, then massage onto your scalp. Let the mixture set for about twenty minutes, then rinse and wash as usual. The lemon will help exfoliate your scalp while the olive oil moisturizes.

8: Say bye-bye to frizzzzz: Avocados have a protein to fatty acid ratio that does wonders for frizzy hair. Mash half an avocado in a bowl and apply to washed hair that has been towel dried. Let sit for fifteen minutes, then rinse and style. If avocados are not available, try about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise instead. Mayo does not have all the proteins and nutrients as avocado, but will help moisturize hair.






Clearly Nevena knows    what she is talking about!  (Seriously, this gal is  your go-to for all things  natural hair care). After  she gave me the run- down of what I needed to  do to get my hair back in  shape, she completely  transformed my blonde  color and gave me a clean  cut…





About a month later my hair is still looking extremely fresh and shiny and there is no brassiness popping up anywhere! Typically when I refresh my highlights my color turns a bit “orange”after a month, but the color that Nevena used is still giving my strands an amazing beige hue. Since I paid Custom Hair Lounge a visit I have been getting compliments left and right on my hair color, Nevena is definitely my go to colorist from now on! The folks at the salon are also offering 20% off to Balanced Babe readers + first time customers so puh-lease frolick on over there.

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