Six Super Food Oils That Have Major Benefits

These six super food oils that have major benefits can be added to your salad dressings, protein bowls and even soups!

Six Superfood Oils That Have Major Benefits

  One of the things I love about cooking is that I get to experiment with all kinds of seasonings, spices, flavors and oils. A lot of folks are afraid to  put too much oil in their recipes because of the fear of gaining weight from calories. It is true that adding oil to your meals adds up on calories, but the focus should be on the nutritional benefits of the whole meal, not just the caloric intake. For example, if you are including oil in with your salads, soups, stews, and other plant-based focused meals, you are still getting a handful of vital nutrients and your body will thank you. If you are too focused on calories so you only focus on numbers, you may find yourself not nourishing your health to its fullest potential or you may fall in the “diet foods” trap.

   Using oil in recipes adds flavor, can add omegas if you don’t eat fish, and can help give your skin a nice glow from the inside out. They are also great to use as condiments or salad dressings instead of the highly processed products you may find at grocery stores. I want to round up a list of some of the oil that I like using in recipes, and how they can give you a natural beauty boost! 


Six Super Food Oils That Have Major Benefits:

Hemp Oil: Hemp oil has a nutty flavor and is commonly used in salad dressings, blended in with dips, or for flavor after a recipe is cooked. It is known that cooking with hemp oil can reduce its benefits. Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids which some believe is the perfect ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3. 

Chia See Oil: We like using raw chia seeds in all kinds of recipes like desserts, baked goods, and in juices and smoothies. Chia seed oil is extracted from the seed and can be used by itself or blended with other oils. This oil is packed with antioxidants and minerals such as calcium.

Avocado Oil: Just as regular avocados, avocado oil is a great form of healthy fats and is equally tasty. Some avocado oils contain vitamin E, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Avocado oil tastes great in Caesar salad dressings and blended in with pesto. We also use avocado oil for natural beauty remedies.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil has been getting a bad rap lately, but we still enjoy its taste and use it regularly as moisturizer for our skin and hair. Coconut oil is safe to heat and use in recipes and other cooked dishes such as vegetable sautes and stews. Even though there aren’t quite enough studies to support the benefits of coconut oil, there are still some trials that show benefits for female fat loss and improved energy.  

Almond Oil: Almond oil has healthy fatty acids which includes helping lower cholesterol and it’s also believed that almonds can increase the levels of  good “gut” bacteria.   Almond oil is also one of those oils that tolerates high heat well so it’s a good oil for to use when frying.  It pairs well with lettuce/fruit salads calling for oil/vinegar mix. Soaked, crushed almonds can be used for thickening  dessert recipes.  It’s also great as a massage oil (mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oil).

Flaxseed Oil: Promising studies are showing that flaxseed oil may help fight heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. It’s packed with Omega’3s, fiber and lignans.  This oil has a lower “heat” point so I don’t generally use it in the fry pan.  It can be added to smoothies, in dressings, added to stir-fry right before serving, drizzled on pasta with seasonings, and great as a dipping oil with specialty vinegar and seasonings.

 With there being so many options lately, it may be hard to find a cooking oil you like the best! We came across a superfood oil blend that you can eat right off a spoon and add to your smoothies for a boost of nutrients: Coromega Be Bright non-gmo superfood blend! A list of each ingredient’s benefit can be found here, and more about Coromega and their other products can be found here! I have been using their super food blend in my salad dressings lately and it is very tasty and makes me feel like I’m adding some extra health boosters to my daily meal plan. It is important to note that with this specific blend, heating it will de-emulsify the product which could tarnish the benefits. I would recommended using it for flavor in smoothies, salads, and as a garnish on already cooked meals. 

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Disclaimer: Coromega sent me an in-kind donation of their products. All writings, thoughts and opinions are my own.



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