How to Acheive the Perfect Sunless Tan with Ortanic



Even though summer is here and the weather is ideal for tanning – getting too much sun exposure can seriously be detrimental to our skin.  This is one of the reasons   why sunless tanning is the perfect option to attain a beautiful glow without cellular damage.

I had the pleasure of trying out a customized spray tan that only took about 20 minutes to have applied compliments of Ortanic.  With my skin tone being so fair, I didn’t know what to expect at first. All of my past experiences with spray tanning have turned into me being called an oompa loompa, and sometimes a tiger (I guess I streak easily!), but Ortanic completely blew my mind.

Ortanic is a customized spray tanning boutique located in various locations throughout Chicago. During your first visit to Ortanic, a special tanning formula tailored to fit your skin tone and needs is synthesized and will be stored in your file for all your future visits.

Ortanic even offers unique pre and post sprays that balance your skins pH levels for maximum absorption and aids in sealing your tan for an impeccable glow. The technician carefully sprays your entire body in specified strokes to ensure that you accumulate an even, streak free, and natural glow.

before-after-ortanicAs you can see in my  photo above – there is a natural yet noticeable difference before and after my spray tanning session! My entire visit to Ortanic was pleasant, and all work staff were on point.

 The pre and post sprays helped me maintain my glow longer, and seemed to prevent any spotting as my tan faded. Actually, there was no spotting or patchiness on my skin at all as my tan faded, which is a huge issue I have had with spray tans in the past.


My technician did such an amazing job;  the whole application was blended in seamlessly, and she applied a special powder afterwards to prevent any stickiness in my inner arm and inner knee creases (if you have had a spray tan applied before, you know what I’m talking about)! Another note I want to add is that there were no noticeable lines around my hands or feet. The tan literally blended into my natural color on the inside of my palm- that is how great of a job Ortanic did with my session.


I highly recommend paying a visit to Ortanic the next time you desire a sunless tan for a special event, or to just give the illusion of a slim figure. Ortanic provides all the information you need in order to maintain your spray tan for as long as possible; including an extremely informative before and after page on their site.  Even if you decide to do a spray tan at home, their guide is very helpful (link here!).

Ortanic is always  running special offers and deals, and their membership is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain a sunless tan all year round. You can book your first spray tan online on their website,  and keep updated with news and special events on their Facebook and Twitter!


Disclaimer: Ortanic provided me with a complimentary airbrush tan for my disclosure. All opinions and writings are my own. All photos are compliments of Ortanic.

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