Summer Style: All White




All white is a lot easier to style than most think! The key is to buying the right material; no spandex pants (certain lighting can showcase cellulite) or shorts. For some women, it might be easier to pull off this style by wearing skirts or wide legged shorts. I found this beautiful peplum inspired skirt from H&M. The styles that aren’t skin tight are really flattering on women’s bodies. They make your legs look slimmer and this particular silhouette clings to your hips and accentuates the boo-tay. 




When wearing all white, play with layers. Wear a vest under a jacket, or funky textured tank tops piled over each other. I find that it is easier to utilize layers when wearing skirts or shorts because everything remains proportional. If pants are thrown into the mix it is better to keep things simple  so that you don’t look like a snow man. On top of all those layers, experiment with chunky accessories. Bauble necklaces or bracelets are a flattering match since they will be distinct and attract attention. 

Wearing white is such a breath of fresh air compared to the dark earthy colors of fall and winter. It will glisten in the sunlight and grab the attention that you want if styled properly. So run to your closet, see what kind of outfit you can put together, and work it!




Jacket: INC // Crop Top: Topshop // Skirt: H&M // Purse: Calvin Klein // Sunglasses: Aerie Icon // Sandals: H*M


Originally Acquired from my first Fashion Blog.

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