How to Absorb Vitamin D Without the Sun


   Once the summer months have come and gone (which seems like it was a blink of an eye), we tend to hibernate, wrap up like eskimos, and come up with  profuse amounts of excuses why  we don’t want to go outside. Because of this, we need to start thinking of alternative ways to get healthy amounts of vitamin D into our systems. 

     We typically synthesise  vitamin D while being exposed to sunshine, which is hard to do from the months of October – March, especially in the Midwest. This vitamin is critical for absorbing calcium for strong bones, supporting our immune system, reducing chances of developing diseases, and supporting brain health (Medical News Today).  With all of this said, how do we maintain healthy levels of vitamin D during the winter? Here is what we think will help:

  • Eat Foods High In Vitamin D: These include; mushrooms, salmon, sprouted tofu, oysters, eggs yolks, and fortified almond milk or orange juice.
  • Supplements: Since it may be hard for individuals to consume enough vitamin D in food, adding supplements into your daily routine may help as well. We like Nutrigold D3 Gold and Carlson Labs D3. It is  important to note that while taking supplements may help you get more of whatever vitamin or mineral you may be lacking, your diet should be clean from gut clogging foods  so that you can easily absorb  a  supplement. 
  • Artificial Light: Light boxes are ideal for people who live in seasonal environments, as they may be able to assist with seasonal affective disorder. Some  believe that sitting next to a light box can help improve your mood and any sleep deficiencies. 


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Disclaimer: Bio D Supreme provided me with a sample of their product. All thoughts and writings are my own.


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