Keep Your Immune System In Control with This Super Food


This exotic fruit is hard to come by, but when you find it at a natural foods store or tiny produce market, you must stock up! Dragon fruit originally was grown in Central America; but is also grown in Isreal, Mexico, and parts of China.

Dragon fruit has a light and sweet taste with a slightly crisp texture that is almost comparable to a pear, and is perfect as a healthy dessert! I’ve got the nitty gritty on the numerous health benefits, and why you should be eating this fierce fruit.

1. Maintains Weight Management:

Dragon fruit has a great amount of dietary fiber which helps clean out your digestive system and maintain a healthy metabolism. It is also relatively low in calories, so you can eat a whole sweet fruit without feeling like you are over indulging.

2. Has Anti-Aging Properties:

The powerful antioxidants in dragon fruit help keep the elasticity of our skin tight and supple because of the reversal of free radicals (toxins from outside pollutants that can harm our skin).


3. Protects Our Immune System:

Dragon fruit is packed with large quantities of Vitamin C which we all know helps fights colds and boosts our immunity. There is also a bundle of three types of Vitamin B and iron to increase our energy.


4. Healthy Fats:

The seeds in dragon fruit carry healthy mono-unsaturated fats and proteins, just as any nut or seed would – and we all know that healthy fats help keep our hair, skin, and nails glowing!


Dragon Fruit Smoothie:

Make a delicious morning smoothie with dragon fruit and other healthy ingredients to give yourself a vitamin boost to start your day! Just blend:

1 Dragon Fruit                 1 Orange                     1 Banana            

   1/3 cup Flaxseed                                   1/3 cup Chia Seed                

    1/4 cup Coconut Milk                            1 cup Spinach.         


** Scoop  the flesh out from the dragon fruit, and peel the banana and orange before blending.        


Blend in a high speed blender, and enjoy!


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