Tips for Starting a Plant Based Diet


More and more  studies show that plant based diets are increasing by the year. Many people are diving in head first on a new lifestyle to health and are really utilizing these eating habits to further maintain their weight and glowing health.

There are still a large amount of people who are intimidated by going plant based for a number of reasons: assuming that you won’t consume enough protein; that eating plant based means eating bland meals; feeling of being limited with what you can eat and cook; and fear of always being hungry.

Well, one of my missions is to show you that you can feel full and satisfied from eating plant based and that you can make tasty meals that are packed with protein and full of flavor. But to start, I want to share some tips on going plant based (vegan or vegetarian). I truly hope those of you who are intimidated by the thought, will warm up to the idea and start experimenting!


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