The Ultimate Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

healthy mother's day gift guide

My mom is a total Balanced Babe. She’s into all the latest wellness trends and holistic secrets, and tries new special spices and recipes that I recommend (as moms should). Most of all she keeps it real and still loves a good Brandy Manhattan and Ice cream cone to top it off. With this in mind, I’ve been able to create the ultimate healthy Mother’s Day gift guide that’s both practical, balanced, and still fun! 

If your mama is hip and health conscious too, she may love the below holistic gift ideas
. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t luxury purses or extravagant jewelry. Mom’s are the first to know that it’s the thought that counts. So bring out the Balanced Babe in your mama too with this thoughtful and  healthy Mother’s Day Gift Guide! 

The Ultimate Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

healthy mother's day gift guideObviously, a spa/wellness day: If you’re local to Chicago, treat your mom to a spa day at Exhale Spa. Exhale spa was kind enough to invite me to experience a barre boot camp and a customized facial. Both were thoroughly enjoyed! This is a great last minute gift too. All you need to do is book a class and spa service for your ma and you’re set. My facial at Exhale Spa truly did exceed my expectations. The nice gal that worked on my face used this powerful enzyme peel on me that blew my mind. It hurt a bit (as many peels do) but the next day my blemishes and scars from old blemishes were faded or completely gone. If you love hand massages during your facial (especially when they just focus on the palm of your hand — you know what I mean!) then you will love the hand massage she gives during the mask. Hands down the best I’ve had – heh heh. The barre class kicked my butt and I was sore for 3 days after. It may be too intense for some if your mom isn’t a workout fanatic, but Exhale also offers great yoga classes so there’s a lot to choose from.

healthy mother's day gift guideAt Home Kiefer Fermenter: Since I don’t drink milk (and neither does my ma), I stock up on nut milks like Almond and Coconut. For a while I felt like I was missing out on the whole kiefer craze (because of  the probiotic benefits), but not any more! This brand believe probiotics can help you satisfy your kiefer cravings by making your own and stashing it at home. They also cater to us dairy free folks – yippie!


healthy mother's day gift guideWine of The Month Subscription: If you know me, you know I love my red wine (and so does my ma)! For the sole purpose that red wine contains super potent flavonoid antioxidants, I make sure that I always have a bottle of Cabernet on hand. Not only will a wine of the month subscription add to your mama’s ritual of winding down after a long day, you can remind her of the benefits from the antioxidants! I haven’t tried one of these yet, but have heard good things about Laigthwaite’s Wine. 

healthy mother's day gift guideA home consultation with a Feng Shui expert: If your ma is like my ma, then they always want to make sure that their home is nice and orderly. I’ve always had an interest for Feng Shui, and it’s one of the principles for maintaining a Balanced Babe lifestyle. Having a Feng Shui expert come in to evaluate her home could be a super interesting and refreshing experience.  Recommending placement of furniture for a stronger feeling of zen and energy flow could be a fun way for your mom to redecorate (or even get inspired to fiiiinally clear out your old bedroom).  If you want to find one in your area, all you have to do is use good ole’ Google and do a business search.

healthy mother's day gift guide
100% Pure Face Masks:  You can’t have a healthy Mother’s Day gift guide without some beauty products on the list! I was gifted this Green Tea face mask from 100% Pure and really enjoyed how soft it made my skin. It’s smell isn’t the best I’ve experienced with face masks, but it still does the trick. My skin tone looked even immediately after!

healthy mother's day gift guide


Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil: I was lucky enough to include this oil in the detox boxes at one of my recent retreats, and my guests loved it! You can use it externally as a serum and hair moisturizer, or internally as an additive to smoothies and juices. It’s extremely hydrating and packed with healthy fats.


healthy mother's day gift guide


Bullet Proof Coffee Kit:  If your mom is a coffee addict but also loves trying the latest trends in health and wellness, she will love the bullet proof coffee kit.


healthy mother's day gift guide


Chalkboard Herb Garden:  For the mama that needs to fix her gardening cravings when it’s snowing out.



healthy mother's day gift guide

Energy infused blankets: For the Balanced Babe that loves high vibes. 




I hope you can find some last minute ideas for Mother’s Day with this healthy guide! Share what you are doing with your ma for Mother’s Day in the comments below!

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  • Mary , Direct link to comment
    Kefir Fermenter mentioned above is fantastic gift! Just one step: pour milk and have the best-known probiotic and delicious food/drink in a few hours. I use it every day and feel really better. Starter culture inside box can be used hundreds, thousands times. That is a BIG PLUS.

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