My Balanced Week: New Plant Friendly Lunch Spots + Special Spices + Home Decor


While this week has been filled with non stop meetings, preparing for my WCIU segment (which was live this morning) on natural uses for Aloe Vera, coordinating partners (and we’ve got some really great things in store for our readers coming up), and planning my four week Euro trip (eek!), I’ve been on a mission to bring balance to my being in various ways. The worst thing you can do for your own mental well-being is neglect the little things in life that will help you stay centered, focused, and maintain clarity. Here is how I maintained my balanced week so far:


Freshening up my sanctuary with new Spring pillows – I can’t explain why I am so drawn to pastel colors. It creates more “Yin” in the space and brings me a feeling of increased mental energy. I found some of these airy and feathery pillows at TJ Maxx for $15 each! Seriously a steal. Coming home from a long day of work and face planting down into this pool of fluff is seriously relaxing. Not to mention it lightens up my mood being around bright and airy colors. 


Workshop & Woodfield – I had so much fun leading a talk at Woodfield Mall’s Mother’s Day event called Indulge. I spoke about 5 ways to live a more empowered life during times of transition which I believe is extremely important, especially for moms! 


Urban Accents – I’ve been making sweet potato chips with these Urban Accents seasonings lately and I am SO obsessed. These spices are low in sodium and packed with flavor. It also saves me time when making veggie chips just by sprinkling a whole blend of seasonings on the baking dish at once instead of rummaging through my cupboard. #BalancedBabeApproved


Goop Breakfast + Candle – The wildly eclectic digital space, Goop, opened up a pop-up shop in Chicago  recently, and I had a chance to take a peek inside and celebrate the opening with fellow fashionistas and lifestyle bloggers. I was gifted this uplifting scented candle (which I’ve been lighting every night to unwind), and enjoyed a delightful brunch to boot. 



Fresha Place lunch – A new Chicago Loop lunch spot is here and it’s taking hold of the healthy dining scene, with a twist! I had a chat with the owner who has years upon years of experience in the food industry, and his passion for nutrition and flavor fused together is fascinating and inspiring. I devoured a vegetarian baja quinoa bowl and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t fall into an afternoon slump. Everything is made from scratch and their ingredients are fresh and plant-powered! 


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