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I’ve been getting requests from readers to share my daily routine which got me I even have a routine? This spurred me to start taking  note of any daily habits/or non-negotiables I have, and noticed that I’m a balance of OCD and spontaneity. 

So here’s a breakdown of my daily routine and how I live the Balanced Babe lifestyle.

630am – 7am: Wake up  (when I sleep in it’s closer to 730am)

Right as I wake up I typically spring out of bed, and make my coffee. I realized that I am especially a nut job about my coffee – it’s a very specific routine that never changes. I make one very strong cup with non-dairy creamer and that’s all I need each day as my caffeine intake. This is what I do first-thing! 

As my coffee is brewing I make my bed (I read that this helps with feeling productive all day – I suppose I do feel more “clear” when my apartment is in order since I work from home a lot). I then do some quick yoga sequences and set a few intentions to get in the right mindset.

7:00am-9:00am: Coffee + Lemon Water + Writing 

Once my coffee is brewed, I immediately get to work. For me, this is my most important “morning routine”. I don’t spend a lot of time waking up or doing multiple things before I start my day. Heck – I get to work straight in my PJ’s until about 10am. I’m most creative and productive in the morning, so I take this time to write articles, pitch ideas, and write important emails. I’d say 7am-10am is my “content creation zone”. This is how it goes every day, 7 days a week. 

9:00am: Quick beauty routine during a writing break

After about a good 2 hours of writing, I’ll take a break to start my morning beauty routine. I’ll do a few sun salutations to get circulation moving, a few swipes of my dry body brushing for lymphatic drainage, and will then shower, cleanse and moisturize. I like to make a quick DIY body scrub with my coffee grounds + coconut oil to further stimulate circulation in the morning. I apply all of my morning serums and lotions that I want to let sit for a while like spot treatments or hair serums. Then I get back to work. 

9:30am: Breakfast 

I’m a bit of an intermittent faster. I typically eat dinner around 7pm and breakfast the next day between 9:30-10am – leaving about 14-15 hours from my last meal of the evening and when I get hungry the next day . I ONLY eat when I’m hungry in the morning, and this works for me. I’ll always have a protein + healthy fat + and fiber. Typically in soup form. I’m a crazy soup lady and have soup for breakfast any chance I get. My morning supplements include a probiotic, omega 3, and multivitamin that includes vitamin D and the b-complex. 

10:00am – noon: Work

Work each day is different for me. From working with our brand partners, meetings, filming TV segments, or working with clients, each day is a whole new ball game. 

Noon: Workout + Lunch

If I’m not taking a circuit training class at the gym, I’m going for a 3-4 mile jog daily. Not only is this a moving meditation for me (I listen to music and zone out the entire time), running gives me crazy amounts of energy and helps me release endorphins. I also love the fact that I can jog for long periods and NOT be out of breath after being 3 years smoke free. I also lift weights 3-4x a week because strong is the new skinny. I work out about 6 days a week – but I have definitely worked my way up to this amount of exercise for a very long time. Each person’s workout needs are different. Lunch again consists of protein + fiber + healthy fats + complex carbs. Usually a big salad and big macro bowl. 

1:30pm – 5:30-6:00pm: Back to work

After my workout I make an almond milk “shake” with Moon Juice Beauty Dust, and a green powder that contains L-Glutamine so that I can help my muscles further recover from a long run or fitness class. Throughout most of my afternoon I’m either working with my team to plan our upcoming product launches, running from meeting to meeting, or brainstorming and marketing ways that we can bring more balance to our reader’s lives.

6:30pm Dinner

 I’ll be whipping up one of my plant-based concoctions.

7:00pm Hot Yoga 

When I don’t have evening events or plans, I take a hot yoga class. To me, this isn’t a workout, but a way that I unwind and de-stress from a long day. It does the job of clearing my mind and bringing peace to my crazy life. 

8:00-9:00pm – Evening routine

I live for my evening routines. I like to soak in an epsom salt bath for about 25-30 minutes while reading, I’ll organize my space, call and catch up with friends and family, and apply my face and hair masks to bring back nourishment. My evening supplements include another probiotic, magnesium, and turmeric almond milk to get some extra antioxidants.

10:00om – Bed

I’m an early sleeper and early riser, and that’s the way I like it.



What is your daily routine like? Do you have any special wellness practices that you incorporate into your life daily? 







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