5 Wondrous Health and Beauty Benefits of Ice

Whether we’re talking about the feel of skin rejuvenation, the benefits of an ice-cold shower, a home remedy for sore legs or pain reduction after surgery, we’re simply just referring to the same thing: the wondrous benefits of “ice, ice baby”!

benefits of ice

If you want to keep healthy, beautiful and energized, quickly skim through the next few paragraphs and learn about this natural free ingredient we all love: the icy H20.  A general word of advice, whichever remedy you might use, remember never to apply ice directly to your skin as it might hurt your capillaries.

Crisp Strong Overall Health

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the ways to success is to find patterns of behavior. Adding a daily routine that benefits your beauty and health can be a way to your overall health and success.

Lindsey Lohan and Koby Bryant have praised the benefits of ice cryotherapy for beauty and recovery. Other celebrities use cryotherapy to slow down the aging process or to help with a quick recovery after a long workout. If you can’t afford these treatments like a celebrity, taking an ice bath or a bath with ice cold water can have similar effects. Just be sure to get your doctor’s advice before you plunge into this healthy habit, a heart condition you’re not aware of might be an issue.

Ice Beauty 

Ice has been used for ages to help with beauty treatments. It is recommended to wrap ice in a cloth and smooth it around your face before bedtime to tighten your pores and give your skin a fresh look. But using ice to benefit your gorgeous looks doesn’t stop here! These are five more ways ice can be used to enhance your beauty:

  1. Removing dark circles and redness – Use a cotton ball that has been dipped in ice water and swab it over your eyes to reduce wrinkles and dark spots.
  2. Lessen pain while tweezing – If you run an ice cube on the place that you are tweezing before you tweeze, it can make it a little numb and reduce pain.
  3. Smooth skin after shaving – To reduce bumps and red spots, you can rub ice on your legs before or after shaving. 
  4. Relieve sunburn – putting ice on the skin after you have experienced sunburn can help dull the pain.
  5. Pimples – if you have a pimple that you cannot get rid of, putting ice on it can reduce the swelling.

If you want to have a healthy beauty routine remember to break up your day into daily habits that benefit your overall beauty and health.

Fitness addict? Ice Decreases Hyperthermia.

When people exercise the body heats up and cannot dissipate the energy at a fast rate. What your body experiences in these moments is called hyperthermia. It’s difficult for the body to cool down after an intensive workout and you can experience symptoms like fainting, an inability to breath or even heart stroke.

Some of the causes of extreme hyperthermia are exercising while under the influence of drug or alcohol abuse, an increase body mass index, lack of nutrition or water, dehydration and health problems. 

When hyperthermia happens, scientists have found that cold water or ice water immersion can be critical to returning the body to its normal state. This method is also used after working out to help with muscle tension and weight loss. The need for ice water or cold water during a hyperthermic period is essential to recovery.

Recovery after surgery

Doctors have found that after major surgery, ice can help with the recovery. Ice therapy, or cryotherapy, will not take the pain away completely. It will help slow down the cell metabolic process so that they need less oxygen. It will also help reduce swelling, pain and inflammation. The pain medications that are prescribed help with the recovery but they also have side effects such as drowsiness, constipation and can create a dependency. 

This method can also make nerve endings less sensitive to pain and is used mostly after orthopedic and abdominal operations. In the study mentioned above, ice packs provided relief to patients and were very cost effective. There were no harmful results or tissue breakage connected to the ice usage.  It’s a way to treat inpatients and outpatients and it is easy to use. Patients used the ice continually for the first twenty-four hours after surgery with the help of a nurse who recorded their medication and ice usage along with pain ratings.

Patients who used ice said that is helped with the recovery. It did not take the place of the medication, but it did help bring down the pain level.


The Gist

The benefits of ice are proven to be beneficial to the body internally and externally. You can even eat ice for a mental boost or help curb hunger during the day. Water is used to clean out the system and nourish the skin; whether you have it in liquid or solid form, it’s always good for you!

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Alex Moore is a dedicated author and regular researching contributor for Ice Maker Experts. Alex believes our overall health can be improved and maintained with little effort and plenty home remedies. 

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