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Honey is not solely known as a natural way to sweeten a healthy dessert or tea any more. Honey is being used for medicinal purposes (to suppress a cough, and calm a sore throat) and for natural beauty remedies and more. I myself use honey in face masks, hair masks, and  in many recipes because of its great health and beauty benefits that I want to share with you here! I’ve done some research and found some great healing properties in honey, and am excited to share my findings! Keep scrolling, because at the end there is a super special honey giveaway!

For Health:

– Contains antioxidants and flavinoids, which can be linked to preventing cancer and heart disease: This is another reason to put honey in your green tea! This study indicates that consuming honey increases your ORAC levels, which shows that it has antioxidants within it. The antioxidants in natural, organic honey can also lower plasma glucose in the blood, according to this study. 

– Anti-bacterial and  anti-fungal: This study  shows the effect of honey on pathogens and it’s antibacterial properties.  This means that honey can be a natural fighter of infections, and could possibly help clear up acne from the inside out!

– Can boost your immune system:  All of the minerals and vitamins in raw, organic honey work together to fight the common cold.

– Honey is probiotic, which also helps maintain proper digestion and weightloss . I start my day with a cup of warm water mixed with apple cider vinegar, half a lemon, and a dollop of honey. This mixture detoxes my body of toxins, gets my system working, and helps fight stomach ulcers since this mixture is alkalizing! Organic honey also contains bifidobacteria, which acts as a probiotic to the digestive system. This study shows that bifidobacteria in honey can promote healthy pH levels in the colon which will help maintain proper digestion.


One way I use honey for beauty:

Organic Honey can help banish acne and facial blemishes because of its anti bacterial properties: Studies have shown the topical use of honey on wounds and infections, and when used as a facial mask, some may determine that it can help clear up blemishes from these same antibacterial properties as well. For me, I mix 1 tbsp of honey with 1 egg white and 1 tsp of virgin olive oil, mix it together, and massage it into my face for an antibacterial facial mask. 

I always make sure I buy raw and organic honey so that I am not missing out on any vitamins, enzymes or minerals. These healthy properties can be stripped away when buying refined honey. Which leads me to my giveaway!!


This organic honey from Y.S. Eco Bee Farms,  is by far one of my favorite natural and organic products, and I use their honey for both recipes and in my daily cup of tea. 




60 comments on “A Sweet and Healthy Giveaway!

  • Margaret Smith , Direct link to comment
    My husband makes the great monkey bread and we love it with honey on it. I also love adding honey to my tea instead of sugar.
  • Patricia Bielecka , Direct link to comment
    The Y.S. Honey you posted is my favorite honey!!!! I love love love it! My favorite recipe is a cold fighting home remedy. Patti's Cold/Flu Fighting Remedy: Ingredients: - honey - ginger cut into thin slices - thinly sliced lemon slices ** you will need a jar When I use this specific honey I melt it a little in the microwave (just enough to be apple to spoon into jar). I layer the ingredients, so I'll start with honey then layer the ginger and lemon slices, more honey, lemon slices and ginger, etc. Once full i shake up the mixture (the lemon juice loosens up the honey) and put it in the fridge for 24 hours and store it there. You can put this into your green tea or even mix it into hot water. My amazing secret cold/flu remedy!!!
  • Anu , Direct link to comment
    I would use it to bake with! I would also use it as a cold remedy....coupled with grated ginger.
  • Mary D. , Direct link to comment
    When I have a sore throat I mix honey with green tea and a lemon slice. I also add honey to my cereal!
  • Gale P , Direct link to comment
    I put honey on gluten-free bread that has sesame seed butter on it. Then I put banana on the top. Yum!
  • All Natural Honey and Lozenge Prize Pack Giveaway | Just Sweep , Direct link to comment
  • Nicole Vosburgh , Direct link to comment
    I would love to use this honey to make my yummy peanut butter/honey ball treats!
  • Brittney House , Direct link to comment
    I would use it in my teas. We get a lot of sore throats in our house so this will really help out.
  • Eugenia Hall , Direct link to comment
    I like honey on my yogurt and granola parfaits, in my tea, in my cocktails, in everything really!
  • alena svetelska , Direct link to comment
    i use honey for my baking recepies,also put it to my tea or just plain on rye bread with butter yum;-)
  • Mary Beth Elderton , Direct link to comment
    I will use it to sweeten chia breakfast--almond milk, chia seeds,honey---maybe cinnamon.
  • Jeana O'donnell-Murphy , Direct link to comment
    We love to use honey for natural sweetener for our green or regular teas and put it in our oatmeal and toast. Most of all, we love the healing benefits of honey, so we use it for colds/flu and sore throat remedies. Taking one spoonful of honey and one spoonful of apple cider vinegar a day in the morning helps!
  • CHRISTINA DUTRA , Direct link to comment
    i would use it to cure my daughters and fiances seasonal allergies. i would use it to make greek yogurt and to help with acne.
  • Diane Cooper , Direct link to comment
    Mostly I will be putting it in my drinks and adding it to my yogurt and fruit salads. I will also use it in a moisturizer.
  • Dawn G , Direct link to comment
    I love to use honey to sweeten my tea, but my favorite is honey mixed with butter on toast. YUM!
  • Christine , Direct link to comment
    I would use them to sweeten my plain Greek yogurt. I might use them for baking too, but I have a really big yogurt habit so most of it would go to that.
  • Deb C , Direct link to comment
    I would use the honey for sweetening tea, in recipes and to make a great homemade facial.
  • Alexandra , Direct link to comment
    Baking bread with honey as opposed to sugar always seems to bring a better result. Would use it for that...and also in my daily cup of herbal tea.
  • Angela Ash , Direct link to comment
    I would make honey butter, sweet potato soup and honey baked beans. I'd also have to use some for my tea.
  • Zoe @ One Beet , Direct link to comment
    I love to make cayenne infused honey and add it to my ginger tea. It gives such a nice kick and boosts the medicinal properties!
  • Jessica Whitehouse , Direct link to comment
    My kids like a bit of honey in boiled carrots- just about the only way I can get them to eat them.
  • Jaime Cummings , Direct link to comment
    Create a Facial Mask Honey is a natural humectant with antimicrobials perfect for making your skin happy. Try mixing with some warm water or adding into other homemade facial cream recipes.
  • Kobi Hensley , Direct link to comment
    Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are my favorite but it's not very creative
  • susan smoaks , Direct link to comment
    i will use the honey in my tea and on my toast. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.
  • Karrie Millheim , Direct link to comment
    I love raw Honey. I would use in my tea, on my honey nut cheerios, on my bowl on ice cream and best of all, I would eat a spoonful of it without needing it on anything
  • Laurie Emerson , Direct link to comment
    I love raw honey! I would use it for my honey, mustard and pineapple topping for my ham and ham sandwiches.
  • Sarah L , Direct link to comment
    Today I want the honey for my tea to help me get rid of my cold. Thanks for the contest.
  • jules m. , Direct link to comment
    heck i'll just eat a teaspoon :) or put in my coffee, or use in recipes or drizzle on a croissant. mmm
  • Janice Crespo , Direct link to comment
    I would use it to try some new recipes. I have never really used honey but I think I am lacking by not using it so here's to getting some good honey to use. I could also use it in my tea on those mornings where my throat is scratchy.
  • MARIA simon , Direct link to comment
    carrots with honey is amazing and we have beignets here by new Orleans..i think that would be great :)
  • Kim Parrott , Direct link to comment
    A friend passed along a great honey chicken recipe so I'd first use it for that
  • Bryan E. , Direct link to comment
    Thanks for the giveaway… would like to use some Cinna-Honey on buckweat pancakes !!!

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