Plant-Based Dining Guide to Hashbrowns: Old Town


We can confidently say that everyone we know loves breakfast,  and with our recent visit to Hashbrowns, our love for the best meal of the day has been proven once again. With an established location in University Village on Maxwell street, and a new one in Old Town, Hashbrowns is taking over the city and our stomachs. What made us satisfied during our visit was their wonderful offering of plant-based, gluten free options, and their welcoming family style interior.

The menu presented a variety of classic breakfast dishes alongside new and innovative creations. One of our favorites was The Greek Town egg burrito; a collision of spinach, feta cheese, and tomatoes all wrapped in a fresh gluten-free shell (We thought this was a home run). The locally grown vegetables helped bring out a flavor that is one of a kind. And if you’re wondering why the place is called Hasbrowns, having just one bite of the sweet potato hash will be the answer. Naturally sweetened and garnished with garlic, it demonstrated just how simple subtle healthy changes can ultimately  increase the quality of recipes.

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