The Power of Pets

This past winter I had the unfortunate heartbreak of losing two pets;  my beloved Tabby cat, Cleo, who was almost 20 yrs. old; and my adorable Pomeranian, Czar, who was rescued from a breeder as an adult, and lost his fight with congestive heart failure.
Our pets are such an important part of our world.  They love us unconditionally, sense our happiness and sadness, fill the void in times of loneliness,  and make us laugh at their spontaneous antics.    They add so much in creating balance in our lives, that today I’m honoring the value of pets.   All of us animal lovers already know what the research shows;  our pets simply brighten up our day.  When we are happier, we are also healthier.  You might be surprised to find out just how much our pets can contribute to our overall health.  Here are some ways that our pets bring light to our lives:
+ Impacts our physical health: Studies have shown that being an animal owner has decreased blood pressure and regulated our heart rate. Other benefits in children include lowering anxiety.
+ Pets bring more balance to your mental health and relax you: Dogs are used as mental therapy in hospitals to bring solace and comfort to patients, and according to this article, improve your relationships too.
+ Can increase your physical activity: Walking your dog will ensure that you are active at least once a day. This article shows that walking your dog morning and night for 15 minutes will give you the daily exercise you need.

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