Prunes Get No Respect!

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Ok, when most people think of prunes, they think natural laxatives, unappetizing to the taste buds and it doesn’t help that this sticky brown/black colored fruit looks like a huge raisin!   Lots of jokes have been made about taking prune juice as we age, but prunes are gaining in popularity, and not just for the fiber, but because of the health benefits and yes, they are sweet and tasty!   Prunes are often referred to as “dried plums”.  For the interesting history on dried plums and research on bone health:  
History of Prunes
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A prune is actually a distinct type of plum, not the plum variety that we usually eat.  The type of plum that becomes a prune is smaller and isn’t as moist.   Prune plum varieties contain fiber: both soluable which helps with stabilizing blood sugar and insoluable which adds bulk (this is where the laxative effect comes in); and iron, potassium, and a great amount of Vitamin K in addition to other vitamins & minerals.  Dried plums also contribute to cardiovascular health.
Enjoy those prunes, er, I mean dried plums!

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