Reflexology 101 with Sarah Preusker and YouHealYou.


I was invited to attend a self healing workshop series sponsored by YouHealYou this past Sunday to see what the concept  is about and to write about it. I obviously will never say no to learning about anything that has to do with self healing and holistic health!

This specific workshop was all about reflexology and the many benefits, as well as hands-on action. Actually, 90% of the workshop was hands-on, so we were engaged the whole duration (4 hours) of the class, which is essential during long lectures!

Who taught the class, you ask? None other than a passionate  reflexologist , Sarah Preusker. Sarah has been a reflexologist since 2001 and switches between  Chicago and NY for clients; super snazzy, I know!

Sarah  covered so much, so let’s get straight to the recap and what I learned from her!



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  1. good job Sarah, i'm very proud of your work.

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