Setting Intentions That Inspire

     As many of you know we have started our first complimentary 30 day Be Balanced challenge for Balanced Babe readers and it is off without a hitch. The first week we spent time setting our intentions for different areas of our lives. 

This included our health, career, personal lives, mental well being and spirituality. As I took some time to set my intentions to trigger some inspiration, I gained a lot of clarity this week and now feel confident to take on goals with a definite purpose. 

Setting intentions can not only help you make decisions based on what your desires are, but it can help you stay streamlined and on track with how you want your life to be. 

akira dress

Setting intentions can help us feel much more centered and calm knowing that we aren’t being pulled in different directions.

Do you ever feel like you are taking on too many projects or going down different paths? If you set clear intentions for your future, you will start to realize what your priorities are and what will be realistically successful. 

I made some realizations this week as I set my intentions which helped lift a weight off my shoulder when it came to growing my business and what next steps I should take and what projects I should focus on. Setting my own intentions helped me focus my time and energy into one priority at a time so that I’m not spreading myself too thin. It’s a great feeling to have clarity for what you want and how you are going to get it, and you can feel that way by setting your own intentions. 

akira dress

So, how do you set your intentions? Think of the different areas of your life and write down three goals you want to achieve for yourself. What stands out and what seems to be a priority? What makes you excited as you write it down?

If you are a part of our 30 day Be Balanced Challenge you have your intentions set and are already working towards each one. If you want to learn more how to set intentions that will make massive change within your life, then you will have to stay tuned for our next program! 

 akira dress

One of my intentions is to spruce up my personal style and add more feminine pieces to my collection. The past year I’ve been so consumed with work that I started to ignore my innate tendency to dress up on the weekends. I forgot how putting an effort into appearances can really help boost confidence. 

The fashion Gods must have been listening to me and connecting me with the team at one of my favorite boutiques in Chicago, Akira. I’ve been shopping at Akira for years as they have a really wonderful array of fashion forward pieces. I was sent this white lace dress to wear to an event and I loved it so much that I want to share it with you! 

You know how sometimes lace can look cheap on clothes? Well not in this case. The lace embroidery on this dress is intricately created so that it has a beautiful pattern even down to the hem. Definitely a piece I will wear time and time again. 

Even the smallest of intentions like putting more of an effort into your appearance can do wonders. So with that said, what are your intentions this week? Set at least one a week and take action!

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