The Benefits and Natural Uses of Aloe Vera


I am a sucker for trying everything natural.  Everything from activated charcoal for white teeth to apple cider vinegar for bloating. 

It’s safe to say natural remedies is one of my obsessions.

So! When I got a sunburn recently (I know, I’m bad) and found aloe vera leaf at the grocery store I stocked up on five and ran home to douse myself in its ooey gooey gel. I felt like a celebrity on the Kids Choice Awards getting slimed. Yes – this is what stardom feels like, I thought. 

And then I had the chance to share even mooore aloe vera benefits on one of my favorite morning shows, You & Me This Morning. So obviously I came stocked up with all kinds of strange uses for aloe vera, because, that’s how I roll. 

If you don’t have time to watch the segment above, here is the low down on the benefits and natural uses of aloe vera. 

  • Detox smoothie: Aloe Vera gel can be blended into your morning smoothies to help get things movin’ along (down and out..if you know what I mean). BUT be careful! If you scoop out the layer of gel just under the skin, the aloe latex, it could give you more issues than benefits. Aloe latex is what can be found in laxative pills and can wreak havoc on your intestines if you use it frequently or in larger amounts. 1 tbsp of aloe gel will do the trick but start out slowly as you would with any sort of natural supplement.
  • In a mouth rinse: Aloe has anti-septic properties which makes it a great natural mouth rinse. I mix 1 tbsp of gel with baking soda, lemon, and warm water, and swish it around in my mouth for about 5 minutes to get my pearly whites poppin’.
  • As a natural hand sanitizer: Just as it can de-germ your mouth, it can get rid of germs on your hands too. Mix 1 tbsp rubbing alcohol, 8 oz of aloe gel, and a couple drops of essential oils for a scent (I like lemon). You can use this once a day or you can make it in larger amounts and store in small plastic bottles to take with you on the go.
  • As a hair and face mask: Aloe contains skin soothing properties that makes for a great mask. Because it can soothe inflammation, you can mix the aloe gel with a squirt of lemon or honey to give your skin a natural calming mask. 

Now that summer is here, I will definitely be stocking more aloe leafs in my fridge for all of these cool home remedies. To cut open the leaf, all you have to do is slice it with a knife down the middle of the flat section, butterfly the skin open, and scoop out the gel with a spoon. It’s that simple!

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