What’s in My Bag: Travel Edition


So – I recently returned from a 3 week Eurotrip and had to figure out how to pack what seemed to be everything I own (I just can’t part with my products!) into a carry-on bag.

I really had to narrow it down to the essentials which helped me pack only what I think is really important to have handy while traveling. And, of course they are all balanced items for a healthy holiday!

To give a peek. This is what I packed and why. 

What’s In My Bag: Travel Edition


Dr. Murad Travel Kit: This includes medicated wipes, hand lotion (for the flight) an SPF moisturizer (for days spent exploring cities), and a toning mist (to keep skin moisturized during a flight). It even came in a cute travel bag!

My slew of supplements: These are tailored especially for having to adjust to a major time difference (8 hours ahead in my case). First things first, melatonin. Why? If I don’t take melatonin the first few days then I am up until 4am and sleeping in until 2am which really seems to be wasting a lot of time being in zombie mode while in Europe. For those of you that don’t know, melatonin is a hormone that is produced in your brain that helps regulate your sleeping patterns. When taken in a small dosage, it can help you sleep earlier while trying to adjust to the time difference. OF COURSE though you have to consult your doctor before taking any new vitamins and supplements. 


Other go-to supplements I have handy while traveling: digestive enzymes, probiotics, dandelion tea (not a supplement but acts as a natural diurectic), and Vitamin C pills. I take the digestive enzymes and probiotics morning and night to help with digestion. I drink the dandelion tea before and after my flight to help with bloating and water retention, and I take the Vitamin C pills also before and after my fight to ensure my immune system is strong (because air ports are gerrrrrmy). 


 My blend of healthy plane snacks: The one thing I don’t like about traveling is that the airplane food is carbs and sweets, carbs and sweets. Yes, if you put a chocolate chip cookie in front of me, I’ll eat it. Same if you put pasta with cheese gunked all up in it, I’ll eat it. Now think of this happening about 5-6 times during a multiple flight trip from one country to another in a matter of 3 weeks — that’s a lot of cookies and pasta JUST on the flight and not at an authentic Italian restaurant! So – therefore it’s crucial that I pack my healthy snacks. Check em out:

  • snapea crisps: when you crave something salty and crunchy
  • pumpkin seeds: boasting with magnesium, zinc, and plant-based omega 3
  • Kale crisps and broccoli crisps: This is the first time I tried these snacks to be honest, and they weren’t my favorite. Next time I’m opting for fresh fruits, veggies, and a homemade dip!



One product for review, Scar Away Gel: I like to test out products when I’m on vacation or incognito because I typically spend all my days and evenings makeup free. When I’m at home I’m going to a lot of meetings throughout the day and a good hand full of social events so I’m typically wearing the minimum (foundation etc) for hours at a time. So this time I tested the scar away gel for 3 weeks and did notice a slight improvement in some of my pesky blemish scars. 

Other fun tidbits that I pack in my travel bag:

  • Scarf: to stay snuggly and wrap around my eyes as a face mask when I want to sleep
  • Deodorant: because after an 8 hour flight..
  • Cozy socks: so that you can kick off those shoes and get extra snuggled for your flight nap
  • Noise cancelling headphones: because there is always a crying baby close by, there just is

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