Travel Smart Series: Before Departure, Healthy Snacks


With Spring Break coming up, and the cold weather still lingering in Chicago, many of us are planning on getting the heck outta here! For me, traveling is one of my passions. It is one of the ways I keep my hectic schedule balanced, and I looove hunting for groovy holistic health boutiques in every new city.

Many people have asked me how to bring your healthy lifestyle with you on vacation. I’m not going to lie, it takes some preparation and dedication. So I’ve started a ‘Travel Smart Series’; a 5 post guide (each post will go live every Monday) for staying healthy while jet settin’.

What is crucial to do before any trip is to get prepared before departure. One way I prepare for trips is by stocking up on healthy goodies to bring with me so that I satisfy sweet cravings with something gluten-free or raw instead of an ice cream sundae at a restaurant. I’ve rounded up some of my travel essentials for maintaining a healthy diet while on the go. None of these companies have asked me to advertise; these are purely my favorites and what I always bring on trips with me. So let’s take a look!:

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