Travel Smart Series: How to Stay Slim On Vacation


In case you missed last weeks topic on travel snacks I always keep is the link. One thing that a lot of people find tricky is trying to maintain their healthy lifestyle and digestion during vacation. I know this isn’t glamorous, but for example; one of the major issues many women have told me about their travel woes is being “backed up” – if you know what I mean, and it is quite an issue! No one wants to be lounging in a bikini on the beach while feeling like a beached whale. 

Hence this concern, I’ve put together my list of what I always keep handy with me during trips and tips to staying on track with your diet and fitness goals.  I also created a nifty Balanced Babe travel essentials that you can print out or download to keep as a reference any time you’re jet-setting around the world. You can download it here!

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Dandelion Tea or a Herbal Diuretic

As I said in my previous post, flying frequently can make you retain water weight which will cause you to feel puffy and bloated. I drink dandelion root tea or I take an herbal diuretic before and after my flight to help fight water retention. I usually drink this dandelion tea.

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Dieters Green Tea

Here’s the topic that many women come by but don’t want to talk about, so let’s get down to business. Traveling and the changing time schedule can make things irregular, which will cause a whole backup to your system. You will be left feeling heavy, and irritated. Believe me, women know what I’m talkin’ about! To keep you regular every morning. Try this dieters green tea. It contains senna, which is an herbal and extremely gentle tummy food disposer – if you get my drift, green tea, and another blend of teas to keep you on track. 

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Resistance Band

I always bring a resistance band with me on trips so that I can continue toning up on my down time. Resistance bands are great for arms, core, back, legs and booty, and you can do workouts in your hotel room or wherever you please. Greatist has 33 resistance band workouts you can do while on vacay. Stay toned!! 

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Ankle Weights

For floor workouts and pilates  in your hotel room, ankle weights are the addition for extra toning. Sometimes I even bust them out for my morning jog, who cares if people give you strange stare downs, your health is more important! Fitness Treats has a great post on ankle weight workouts that you can use while on the go!

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 Gym Shoes

No matter where you are, you should be getting outside and walking. I go for a long run every morning along the beach if I’m in Miami, or I make sure I spend a lot of time outside getting fresh air and window shopping if I’m in a city like New York.  A good pair of gym shoes will never let you down! 

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Download Fitness Apps

This post from a couple weeks ago lists my favorite fitness apps for at home workouts. These can be super beneficial when you are on the road as well if there is not a proper gym around.

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Remember Your Supplements

I always bring probiotics, chlorella tablets, omega 3, and a b vitamin blend with me so that I am still on track with my supplements. The probiotics will help maintain proper digestion, chlorella will help stabilize your blood sugar if your eating habits are erratic, omega 3 will keep your hair, skin and nails hydrated if your flying frequently, and the vitamin b blend will help you maintain proper energy levels. (If you are vegan and eat no animal products whatsoever, a blend with b 16 is crucial since that vitamin is only found in animal products)


Do not take any supplements, vitamins, specialty teas, or herbal blends without consulting your physician first!!  

04 comments on “Travel Smart Series: How to Stay Slim On Vacation

  • Shabneez Khan , Direct link to comment
    What brand of probiotics, B vitamin, omega 3 and chlorella do you take? thanks!
    • balancedbabe , Direct link to comment
      Hi Shabneez! This is what I am currently taking: -probiotics: Now Brand Probiotic- 10// 25 Billion -B Vitamin Blend: Nature's Blend Full Spectrum Vitamin B with Vitamin C (Because Vitamin C helps the body digest and break down Vitamin B) -Omega 3: I take a spoonful a day of the Vitamin Shoppe Brand Omega 3 in liquid form. - Chlorella: I take Whole Foods brand broken cell wall Chlorella. Hope this helps! If you have any more questions please ask!

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