Favorite Fitness Applications For At Home Workouts


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There can be many reasons why we want to workout in the comfort of our own home on average.  For me, it’s my busy schedule; I typically only used my gym membership for classes.  Maybe some people don’t want to take an hour workout class, or just don’t have the time to take up a whole hour at once to work out at all. With at home workouts, you can do various mini workouts throughout the day if your office is home based. If you are one of those that just don’t like to be watched by others when you’re at the gym, working out at home can bring you privacy you need to get the results you want. Not to mention, you will save $50 or more each month on gym memberships.

The one downside to working out at home is self motivation.  Sometimes you start a workout class, get tired/bored after 5 minutes, then quit and go back to your work or other tasks. To fix this issue, and to allow more time for yourself,  I put together my favorite applications to use on an ipad // laptop // iphone to keep you motivated and in shape!

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