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wellness weekend 

You know what I’m really starting to dig? That Chicago businesses are starting to take note that wellness in this city is starting to ramp up and that people are becoming more aware of the foods they are consuming, the activities they are partaking in, and the mindfulness of their actions and hobbies they choose. So it’s time to start dishing on how to have a great wellness weekend in Chicago! 

 I’ve started connecting with various businesses and entrepreneurs in Chicago that are starting to take note, and take action of a more integrated lifestyle, and I’m loving it! Hence, why our 2nd Annual BeHealthful Retreat is boasting over 50 businesses in our holistic oasis.

In the mean time, I want to share some ways that you can #BeBalanced in Chicago, NOW. If you want to share your favorite healthy spots in Chi-town too, tag us at @balanced_babe on Instragram and twitter and use the hashtag #BeBalanced ,so that we can feature you on our socials! Let’s bring more awareness to wellness in this great city. 

orange theory

SWEAT: There is one fitness class that I’ve been trying lately that I REALLY, really like, and that is Orange Theory Fitness. This group class uses a mix of cardio, rowing, body weight exercises and weight training to give guests a total body experience. Even better? They hook you up to heart monitors so that you can see how many calories you are burning (my favorite feature) your heart rate, and at what level you are pushing yourself. I’ve been trying the classes in Wicker Park and my favorite trainer is Molly – so take her class! 

I used to be solely a Pilates and yoga gal, but since trying Orange Theory I’m really digging workouts where I am FEELING results: sweating, getting out of breath, feeling the burn etc. After the class they email you results which I LOVE. It makes me feel accomplished to see how many calories I burned and how hard I worked – it makes me want to come back for more! 

cafe des architects
Cafe Des Architects


EAT: Two restaurants I want to highlight that are offering healthier cuisine options in Chicago are Seasons 52 and Cafe Des Architects in the Sofitel hotel. Cafe Des Architects now if offering their De-Light menu options for hotel guests and locals to enjoy rich flavored yet healthy cuisine. I tried their salmon dish and fell in-LERV. They also have other healthy dishes such as Gazpacho, oysters, salads and more. The interior is chic, modern, and perfect for a business lunch or date night when you want to enjoy fine-dining with beautifully displayed dishes. 

seasons 52
Seasons 52

If you are spending the day shopping today and want to head somewhere right off of Michigan Avenue, Seasons 52 is the place to be. They actually display the calories that are in every dish (major game changer) so you really know what you are getting yourself into when you order a dish. I had the spinach stuffed mushrooms going at 220 calories and was SO surprised by the burst of flavor in each one. Definitely a go-to when I’m in the Mag Mile area! 

 healing touch

PAMPER: I had intuitive touch healing done for the first time by Vivien Joy Lamadrid and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was an hour experience where you lay on a massage table and she balances your energy fields, Chakras, and tells you where you have congested energy within your body, and clears it. Interestingly enough, she told me that I had congested energy behind my knees and my left leg – which was really surprising to me. Not because I didn’t think that was true, but because I have slight scoliosis in my lower back. This condition causes my left leg to have pain, tingle, some times go numb, and causes it to not be as flexible as my right. So that experience was pretty to experience! 

What are you doing in Chicago this weekend to #BeBalanced? Share with us so we can try! 

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