Vegan Pumpkin Crumble Recipe with Dairy Free Ice cream




      I love baking healthy versions of my family’s holiday recipes. I still get to indulge in my favorite desserts without the extra guilt! My family always ends our gatherings with dessert whether it be gluten free brownies or dairy free cheese cake, and now we can add these vegan pumpkin crumble bars to the list! This is a simple baking recipe that will impress your Holiday guests and will be gone in 2.5 seconds.

Vegan Baking With Madhava Natural Sweeteners 

      One of the ingredient highlights I used in this recipe was Organic Maple Cinnamon Agave Pancake Syrup from Madhava Natural Sweeteners. When Madhava reached out to see if I could include one of  their products  in my healthy recipes, I knew immediately what to whip up. Their agave syrup complimented my pumpkin bars seamlessly, and I didn’t have to add any other sweeteners. 

     To keep my recipe healthy; I used vegan butter, “flax eggs” in lieu of real eggs, coconut flour instead of baking flour, almonds, and rolled oats.  I also topped my vegan pumpkin crumble bars with dairy free cashew ice cream (which is also extremely easy to make).  



      To make similar recipes like our vegan pumpkin crumble bars using  Madhava Natural Sweeteners, you can enter their social media giveaway held on Facebook, or you can enter our own giveaway  here! One Balanced Babe will win a whole Madhava Gift Basket with all sorts of goodies. Good luck and happy Holiday baking! 

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Disclaimer: This is a paid sponsored post to promote Madhava Natural Sweetener products. All writings, opinions, recipes and creative direction are my own. 

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  1. I'd mix their organic syrup with ricotta cheese and top with walnuts and cinnamon!
  2. Probably I will try to recreate your receipt looks very good
  3. Cynthia C says:
    I would use it to sweeten my yogurt and in smoothies.
  4. sandra says:
    i'd like to try the Honey Pecan Cinnamon Rolls recipe
  5. anthony ciofani says:
    i would use it to sweeten my yogurt and in smoothies.
  6. liz l says:
    Honestly, it would have to be my hubby. I dont cook-lol
  7. amy d says:
    i would use this for when i make some smoothies for the family
  8. Carolyn Daley says:
    I would make the Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Muffin Tops recipe they have listed on their website.
  9. Brittney House says:
    The Honey Pecan Cinnamon Rolls sounds the best. Yummy!
  10. Connie says:
    I would use it in the Blueberry dessert that I make.
  11. Shannon says:
    At this time of year I'd make something with pumpkin or pecans.
  12. laurie says:
    the honey pecan cinnamom rolls sounds so good to me, i love cinnamon rolls
  13. lindsay hess says:
    I would be making Sugar Cookies for Santa!!
  14. Jake B says:
    I would be making cookies for the kids.
  15. Annemarie Z. says:
    I would make cupcakes!
  16. Christian Alejandro says:
    I've gotta try the cinnamon rolls!
  17. Laurie Emerson says:
    I would use it to make sugar cookies and cupcakes.
  18. Sue J. says:
    Cookies with sugar, chocolate and coconut!
  19. I have been using organic coconut flour in baking goods and desserts, But i haven't tried this recipe. I would love to try this one. Thank for sharing the recipe here
    1. Sarah Baker says:
      Hi Benjamin! Let us know how yours turns out!

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