Vegan Sweet Potato Carrot Coconut Thai Soup


It’s safe to say that soup season is in full effect, and also safe to say that bringing healthy dairy free soup to work for lunch is one of the easiest ways to maintain balanced eating habits throughout the week. There’s nothing like a warm, comforting, creamy bowl of soup that will warm your soul and your tummy.

My vegan sweet potato carrot coconut Thai soup is inspired from my trip to Asia and Thailand earlier this year. And it’s packed with a punch!

That trip to Thailand was like one big cleanse for me. I didn’t indulge in any wine or tequila for an entire 30 days straight (and I felt absolutely amazing). I had daily juices and smoothies, I had juice from about 4 fresh coconuts a day (so I was beyond hydrated), experienced almost two, 6$ massages a day, and I ate extremely healthy plant based meals with seafood here and there. My skin cleared up, I lost a few pounds of water weight, and I felt just downright healthy!  Side note: if anyone ever wants to experience a truly healthy vacation, you should go to Thailand. It is the ultimate retreat. 


Anyways, every time I take a bite of this vegan sweet potato carrot coconut Thai soup, I feel like I’m back on the Islands of Thailand reflecting and nourishing my soul. 

Besides the island vibes it gives me, it is a nutrition powerhouse. One of my favorite antioxidants that I talk about all the time, beta carotene is pretty predominate in this soup. From the carrots and the sweet potato, you’re getting a great dose of this carotenoid (plant pigment with benefits).  Carotenoid is a precursor for Vitamin A (which is found in many retinal products), so it helps protect against aging and UV damage. Foods high in beta carotene also help you achieve a natural glow. It’s glorious. 

Besides beta carotene, you’ll be consuming good amounts of fiber to help you feel full until your next meal, the ginger will help soothe digestive upsets and tummy troubles,  and the veggie stock will also give you an extra dose of vitamins and minerals. It’s just a fantastic soup to sip on all week! 

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I topped this recipe with pumpkin seeds, parsley, coconut chips and a slice of lime to give it some interest, but you really don’t need to add any toppings unless you want to give the texture some added crunch. In that case I’d go for just toasted pumpkin seeds and coconut chips – yum!




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