Water: Is There A Mind-Body Connection?

     We all know the importance of water. Our survival depends on it, along with food and air. But do we give much thought to how important it is to our overall wellness?  Before we are born, we are surrounded and protected in a nurturing cocoon of water (amniotic fluid), filled with electrolytes and proteins, to name a few.   Once in the outside world: our bodies are made up of over 65% water; our blood contains 50% water; our brain is 70%+ water;  we need water to keep our bodily functions running smoothly and to continually replenish our system;  no water? no blood, sweat and tears!  


     Because of this, water is such an important part of our health on the most basic level.  So then why shouldn’t we be more aware of the quality of the water we consume and, just as important, does the water in our system react to our thoughts and words?  Now you’re wondering “thought affecting water”?  Yes, there are many who claim that what we THINK can affect our body’s water quality (or molecular structure) and that it can change to good or bad.  I know  — hard to believe!
     One of the most popular books on this subject was written by Dr. Masaru Emoto who believed that water DOES react to our thoughts and words.  His best selling book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”  was briefly featured, (along with a scene from the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know”) in the following short video clip showing how our intention and thoughts can change the composition of water.   If this is true then just imagine how our negative or positive thoughts and intentions affect our bodies and therefore our health!
     There are others that have done experiments to see if water composition can be changed;  this one uses labels and music ;  German researchers at the Institute of the University of Stuttgart support the theory that water has a “memory”.
     Contemplating the positive life force of water with images, thoughts, words and prayer may be a powerful way to promote our wellness.  In the end, whether or not it can be proven that thought changes the composition of water, it will not take away from what most of us know to be true:  what we think does become our reality.  The question is: does our body water contribute to this reality change?    Any comments would be welcome!


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