Zucchini Boats




If you don’t have an inkling by now, I have a great affinity for zucchini. I showcased my zucchini stew, and zucchini pasta recipes, and am now using the versatile veggie as the base for a “zucchini boat” recipe.  Zucchini keeps you warm and grounded throughout the crisp fall days, and is great for adding texture and earthy flavors to a meal. 

This zucchini boat recipe can be great for entertaining, for a side dish, or even as a main.  Make this recipe if you want to reap the benefits of a slew of healing properties such as aiding in the synthesis of fatty acids, metabolizing proteins and carbs, protection against oxidative stress, and more. 



One thing to note. Every time I use seasonings, I never really measure them. For new chefs in the kitchen, measuring every ingredient and seasoning can be tedious and time consuming for recipes like this.  Some recipes are crucial and need measurements, but the majority of the recipes shared on Balanced Babe are meant to be quick and easy to make. 

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