4 Reasons To Try An Infrared Sauna


There is nothing like the invigorating feeling you get after a good 15 minutes in a sauna followed by a cold shower – shedding toxins via sweat and giving your muscles some good TLC with heat. Saunas have been used throughout centuries for many different healing purposes, and as time went on the sauna experience has evolved to what is now known as an infrared sauna. 

A traditional sauna works by heating the air that surrounds you which quickly warms your body, but, an infrared sauna works a little differently.  Infrared saunas and wraps use the light from infrared waves to create heat and even mimic the same type of light that you get from the sun.

How Infrared Saunas Work.

Rather than heating the air around you, infrared saunas and wraps work  internally. The light from infrared saunas penetrate about 2 inches into the body and raises the core temperature from within. The main appeal to saunas is that they cause excessive sweating and an increased heart rate, both effects of moderate exercise. The sweating not only burns calories, but also rids your body of toxins. The amazing thing about an infrared sauna is that it produces these same effects but at lower temperatures and with no exposure to solar radiation.

The best part? It doesn’t stop there. Infrared saunas have many other benefits including weight loss, improved circulation, healthier skin, and relaxation. This therapeutic technique can be your next go-to body purifier! Let’s explore these potential benefits in a little more detail.

4 Reasons Why You Should Try an Infrared Sauna

1: Weight Loss and Detoxification

Similar to what was said above, the heat in an infrared sauna causes excessive sweating in the body. When the body begins to sweat, the heart rate naturally rises as a cooling mechanism to keep body temperature down. This entire process is equivalent to moderate exercise. Since your body has to work harder to lower temperature, you burn more calories, resulting in weight loss. A study at Livestrong claims that a 160 pound person can burn  between 300-600 calories during 30 minutes in a sauna.

2: Improved Circulation

Since the heat from a sauna increases your body temperature, you will not only begin to sweat, but your blood flow will increase as well. Circulation in the body can easily be stimulated due to the high heat. This increased blood flow is extremely good for our bodies as it helps cell growth and supplies oxygen to cells and other organs.

3: Healthier Skin

Infrared saunas can help detoxify your skin through the excessive sweating due to the heat. When you sweat, your pores open which can purify your skin through eliminating toxins. This results in clearer and healthier skin. Many avid users of infrared saunas claim that it helps them with acne and eczema. Some also claim that it improves the elasticity in our skin and helps us maintain a healthy glow.

4: Relaxation

The heat generated by the infrared sauna can help promote relaxation by relieving tension throughout your body and relaxing the muscles. Relaxation is also promoted because your body’s primary stress hormone (cortisol) is being maintained and balanced. This entire process is therapy and allows your body to de-stress.

A note from Sarah: I have personally used infrared saunas as well and noticed a natural decrease in water weight from sweating and burning calories. I absolutely love to use this therapy before an important event or night out. And interestingly enough, I notice the biggest change 3 days after using infrared wraps. So what do you think? Is this something you would try?

Contributing writer: Lauren Cumbo

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