5 Ways to Lose Weight or Improve Your Health WITHOUT Regularly Hitting the Gym


Hello Balanced Babes, We are Joel and Michelle; Personal Trainers with Organa Wellness  We are conducting a workshop for all of you on Saturday August 23rd at 4 pm to provide with you with a toolbox for losing weight and improving your health during the busiest times in your life.  

Success is most often reached when we have a plan that fits the realities of our lives.   How do you stay on track with your weight loss and wellness goals when it’s the totally crazy season at work and long hours are a must?  How do you stay healthy when situations in your personal life demand more time and attention, gobbling up your regularly scheduled workout time?   

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  1. Eye On The Size The importance of right portion size on weight loss and to maximum energy is monumental.   If you know you are not going to have time to exercise as much as you would like, cut back on the portion you eat for lunch and dinner by about 25%.  If eating at home, scoop the appropriate amount onto your plate from the start of the meal and then go ahead and put leftovers away.  If you are dining out, ask for the to-go box with your entree and go ahead and put the extras away for safe keeping as soon as your meal arrives.  Chances are you will not even miss it and will feel great about the positive health benefits you receive from such a simple shift.  
  2. Know Where To Go -Even in stressful or busy times you still have to eat!  So many of us make the mistake of just popping into a store and grabbing what’s on hand easily or the first semi-suitable thing that we see.   Make the most of your time by having a fixed grocery store that you go to every week and a route in the store that leads you to good choices.   Knowing where to go will allow you to shop quickly and pick up healthy foods that will hold you through your busy week.  No time to shop in the store, have a pre-set healthy list of groceries delivered. Bonus perk to this one: you will most likely save a few bucks on those unnecessary impulse food buys that happen on the dash home from work when you are over-hungry or tired.  
  3. Step It Up – We all have to get from point A to point B; maximize your transitions with extra walking.  Get off the bus one stop early or walk around the block before you step into your place for the evening.  Instead of shooting off yet another email, walk over to your co-workers desk and ask them the question in person.  Take a 10 minute walk break during your lunch.  The great thing about this is that you will still receive the weight loss and health benefits even if you do your steps in small increments.  No worries that you don’t have time for a 45 minute walk today.  Take two small 10 minute walks every day of the week and you will be ahead of the game. 
  4. Manage Madness – Stress happens, but just like anything else it can be managed.   Keeping stress in its proper place will help your body feel well enough to continue to drop pounds and have a sense of well-being.  Key to this is remembering that stress is not your enemy.  Difficult times are not something to just grit through and think of as a loss.  Some stress can make us stronger and push us to reach for creative solutions to our lives.   Appreciate these benefits while also adding other comfort measures to your daily life.   Keep a calming essential oil in your hand bag to smell, let those close to you know you need extra support, watch a 2 minute clip of something fun that makes you laugh, and most of all, breathe.  A good rule of thumb is at least once an hour do one minute of focused deep breathing.  You will be amazed at the impact of these seemingly small steps on your well-being.
  5. Creatively Consult – Excellent personal trainers should be able to give you both a good work out in the gym, as well as, consult with you about how to reach your fitness goals when you are not in the gym.  Hire a trainer well suited to your needs and let them know you want weight loss and fitness solutions that don’t require constant time in the gym.   A wonderful time to do this is prior to the busy season at work so that when the craziness hits, you will already be set up with strategies that ebb and flow with your needs.   It is a huge asset to have someone behind the scenes organizing your wellness and weight loss strategies for you so you can reach your goals as easily as possible!


Join us for the workshop to learn a lot more tips and techniques to reaching your goals while burning the candle at both ends. 




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