Why you should buy cruelty free beauty products + a giveaway!


I must admit, I am not one to make a conscious decision to do my nails, or even dive head first into complicated beauty routines. Since I’m always on the go I try to keep my beauty needs to a bare minimum – but I will admit, I do love to get ‘glammed’ up for events! I am however, very conscious of the products I use and aware of the types of toxins that gets absorbed into my skin. With our skin tissue being one of largest ‘organs’ (what is applied soaks in to our system), I believe there needs to be more awareness around the types of  ingredients in beauty products.  With that being said, I usually use natural ingredients like coconut oil for a moisturizer, tea tree oil for spot treatments, and plain old ice for a facial de-puffer. 

 I truly do feel better using products that do not have harmful chemicals (parabens, toulenes, formeldehyde etc), but embarrassingly so, I never really gave thought to “cruelty free” products. That is, until Trust Fund Beauty approached me to try out their non-toxic and cruelty free nail polishes. After their reach out, I did some research online and was surprised at articles I found like this this, and this. These were really eye openers for me.  I applaud the companies whose mission is to provide products and medicine that is cruelty-free.  If we all did some research on how cosmetic animal testing is harmful, I’m sure a lot of readers would feel the same way.


Trust Fund Beauty prides itself in being non-toxic with an edge. Their branding image aligns with the modern city girl who is posh, yet mindful. Right up our alleys!  I will also say after trying out Trust Funds nail polishes, there is no visible difference in non-toxic/alternative polishes over mainstream polishes. The three colors they gave me are beautiful, and really make me feel feminine when wearing them! I must say, Trust Fund is pretty kick-ass. 


So, my Balanced Babes, of course you get the chance to win your own cruelty-free nail polishes! Trust fund is giving away two of their polishes to one lucky girl (or guy), and as always – entrees are filled out in the Raffle Copter below! The terms and conditions (start and end date, who can enter etc,) are also in the widget. Good luck! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Disclaimer: TrustFundBeauty.com provided me with complimentary nail polish for review. All thoughts and writings are my own.

05 comments on “Why you should buy cruelty free beauty products + a giveaway!

  • Angie Jerde , Direct link to comment
    I don't agree with testing products on animals especially if they are harmed in the process.
  • Floriane Germanier , Direct link to comment
    So true about chemical ingredients.. wasn't really aware about what I put on my skin 'til I developed allergies but now I'm also fully conscious about the make up or polishes I choose and as this consciousness grew, so was my interest for cruelty free products! Nice to discover a polish brand I didn't know yet ;-)

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