Nutritious Meals For The Woman On The Go

    In my daily goal of living a balanced life, maintaining a stress free environment can sometimes get hectic, and my home/work balance becomes out of whack. Because of this, it becomes quite difficult for me to make nutritious home cooked meals. I end up eating chips with hummus or some other sort of snack food that doesn’t really provide me with an abundance of vitamins. Thank god for meal delivery service, especially Factor 75!
              Factor 75’s meal plans provide entrees delivered to your door with your health & wellness in mind; including more energy and more time for family &
              friends. You won’t have to plan, prep or cook. You won’t have to worry about whether you have incorporated the proper foods (for optimal nutrition)  into your meal because Factor 75 does this all for you.
               Your meal plan can be tailor-made just for you, based on your own dietary restrictions and/or desire for variety.  They provide more than enough options! Whether you are a busy stay-at-home mom, working professional or home-bound for various reasons, Factor 75 can provide fresh, never frozen,
               healthy and delicious meals. 
With me being mainly vegetarian, I was sent some great options for veggie lovers. My favorites: 
Veggie burrito bowl.
I will admit that I have a deep, DEEP obsession with Mexican cuisine, and this fiesta inspired vegetarian burrito bowl really impresses me.  The blend of sweet potato, cheese, quinoa and beans is divine. 
Summer Quinoa Salad 
This super food blend is sure to keep you full and energized. Mango chunks and fresh mint make this salad refreshing while the quinoa satisfies your hunger.
If you are constantly on the go and looking for ways to eat healthy with minimal effort, you should really think about the benefits that a  meal delivery can bring you, especially one that is health conscious like  Factor 75. 

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