How To Stay Hydrated Without Guzzling Gallons Of Water

alternative ways to stay hydrated

This summer in Chicago is a HOT one. Now by no means am I complaining, we just endured yet another brutal winter with subzero degrees, but being pregnant during a Chicago summer is still not a walk in the park.

I didn’t know this until recently, but at this point my baby is starting to radiate his own body heat resulting in me feeling even *hotter*! So combine this extra body heat, my rising temperature level and a humid 90 degree day; I’ve got myself a situation. Just walking the dogs around the block makes me lose 10lbs of water weight in sweat (I wish).

Anyway, the point is that during the summer months (pregnant or not), hydration is obviously important. I naturally drink a ton of water throughout the day regularly, but now that I’m making trips to the bathroom every 10 minutes I’m starting to go a different route when it comes to keeping my fluid levels up. If you’re like me and you want to switch up how you get your hydration throughout the day, read on as these tips can help you still get your hydration on and poppin.

It’s also important to know why it’s so important to stay hydrated. We talk about it but do we really know why it’s so crucial? Ensuring that we get enough hydration throughout the day helps us regulate so many important functions of our body. It has a large roll in our metabolism, how we flush out toxins, how we breakdown food, the regulation of our body temperature, our brain health and pretty much everything. Now add being pregnant on top of that and you’ve got a whole second little being that needs all these functions to work properly too – so us pregnant ladies need even MORE water! Oy!

If you find it super hard for yourself to drink water throughout the day, here is what you can eat and drink to stay hydrated in addition to drinking H2O:

What To Eat To Stay Hydrated

Did you know the food you consume can also give you hydration? The most hydrating foods are fruits and vegetables (obvi). OH and there are also foods to avoid if you are feeling hydrated like carbs, as they have zero water content and can make you feel even more thirsty. So next time you’re feeling parched, eat some of these foods:

Watermelon: Watermelon is extremely high in water content (92% water) and also contains essential rehydration salts like potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, and also contains wonderful vitamins and minerals to boot.

Celery: Celery gets a bad rep, but I love using it in all sorts of recipes when I want to make sure I’m getting hydration throughout the day. Being 95% water, I love making celery soup , I drink celery juice, and I use it to enjoy healthy dips!

Cucumbers: Being 96% water content, cucumbers are another all-star veggie to add to your day. I like making a simple cucumber salad with 1 sliced cucumber, feta cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dried mint and pepper. It’s also high in vitamin B6, iron and vitamin K. This cucumber salad with chickpeas is another great recipe to make this summer (it’s dairy free!).

Smoothies: I try to drink a smoothie a day in the summer to get extra hydration from foods. I usually add spinach in there which is water dense, berries that not only are hydrating but also are packed with potent antioxidants, and almond milk.

Homemade popsicles: You can also blend together water and berries, or water and your favorite fruit for a homemade popsicle. I love enjoying popsicles in the evening or after I’ve been outside when it’s super hot out.

Soup: Soup of any sort is also extremely hydrating to consume throughout the summer. I’m a soup fanatic and love making mine from scratch and I have a ton of on here that you can try as well! When it’s especially hot outside, I like to make chilled gazpacho soups to nourish myself instead of warm ones.

What To Drink To Stay Hydrated

Herbal teas: Sometimes we simply want flavor throughout the day, and a simple way to get this while still sipping on water is by making herbal teas. My favorite is ginger, lemon, or peppermint tea in the summertime.

Coconut water: If you find 100% pure coconut water, you’ll get a dose of hydration from it’s hydrating nutrient content. Most people either love or hate coconut water though.

Coffee: Coffee lovers rejoice! Even though studies show that coffee acts as a diuretic, it also contributes towards your hydration needs!

Green juice: Yes, your daily bottle of green juice also offers a wonderful hydration source. Carrot juice, orange juice, apple juice, you name it. It all contributes towards hydration. But the best form is homemade and fresh squeezed, you don’t want to opt for store bought varieties that have extra sugars.

Bottom line: The food you consume and alternative beverage options contribute towards your daily hydration goals. 

So don’t be afraid to fill up your plate with color by adding a source of fruit or vegetable to every meal, and sip on fresh juices and teas throughout the day if you want some flavor in addition to water!


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