Balance Your Style with Christine of View From 5 Ft 2


BB:  Quick tips for keeping your fit figure?

Find time to workout and know your body – I know that I can run a bit, do hot yoga, and go to NTC classes but that I have to mix it up and keep my body guessing. I can’t get stuck in one thing and try to make an effort to be as active as possible on the weekends.


BB: Favorite easy and healthy recipes?

I don’t cook very often, but I love a good egg white omelet with veggies. I saute the vegetables that I typically have on hand for weekly meals, and then pour in the egg whites and top with sriracha. It’s delicious!

I also make a ton of salads – I love a good salad with cranberries, macadamia nuts, broccoli, chicken, sunflower seeds and light champagne dressing. I find myself throwing that one together often for lunch!


BB: What are your secrets for staying mindful while traveling?

I try to steer clear from super unhealthy foods while I travel at the airport. I’ll look for something with a salad or fresh vegetables. I keep KIND bars around and like to stick those in my purse in case I’m in an airport with limited options or find them at the airport convenience stores.


BB: How do you maintain The Balanced Babe lifestyle?  

It’s difficult, but you have to prioritize what’s important. If you stay true to that list of things it’s much easier to stay balanced. I try to take a break every now and then and make sure I spend some downtime alone, work out, see my friends and chat with my family in Texas when I can. If I don’t make time for those things, I find it hard to focus on my actual work!

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