Dandelion Detox Smoothie


There is nothing healthier than starting off your day with a nutrient packed smoothie, and this one is filled with the super detoxing herb, dandelion.

I know a lot of you think of dandelions as that pesky weed that grows in your yard, but did you know that this herb comes with an abundant amount of health properties? Yea, I didn’t think so either.

Dandelion tea is often used as a diuretic to rid the body of extra water weight. It detoxes the kidneys to clear out waste and salt, and removes toxins from the liver. I became extra excited about utilizing dandelion into my diet when I discovered that it is packed with antioxidants that help protect our bodies of free radicals (like smoking, and sun damage). If you want to incorporate even more herbs (including dandelion) into your routine to detox, then you’ll love these remedies to cleanse yourself from the inside out!

Dandelion tea on its own can be a bitter taste, so I’ve incorporated it into a morning smoothie combined with other super foods like ultra hydrating watermelon, refreshing mint, and phytochemical rich berries (more cell protection).


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  • gezond afvallen , Direct link to comment
    Hey Balancedbabe, I take your point, Hi is it okay to take the herb dandelion with a hair,nail, skin vitamin? I am afraid that the dandelion might detox my body and remove the vitamins from my body so I won't be able to see the effects of the hair, skin, nails vitamins. Cheers
    • balancedbabe , Direct link to comment
      Hello! Dandelion has minerals of its own (zinc, iron, potassium, calcium) and Vitamins A C E B. It stimulates the urinary function to remove access water, heavy metals, and toxicity in your body, but if used properly (maximum once a day), it will not deplete you of the vitamins you will get from a hair/skin/nails vitamin. Hope this helps!
  • chai tea , Direct link to comment
    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article. Many thanks for providing this information.
  • Roasted Basil Beet Dip To Celebrate Valentine's Day - The Balanced Babe , Direct link to comment
    […] Dandelion Detox Smoothie to awaken and rev up my digestion in the morning. For lunch, a vegan tomato soup and beauty boosting brussel sprout salad.  For dinner, I'll be making some of my Italian inspired favorites: Vegan Zucchini Pasta with a side of dairy free and grain free minestrone soup. To end the night on a sweet note, a Chocolate Mousse dip with fruit will be enjoyed while watching my favorite chick flicks. […]
    • Sarah Baker , Direct link to comment
      Do you have an allergy to all berries? If so you do without - add extra watermelon or even pineapple!

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