Entrepreneurial Tips from Balanced Babe, Christina Giordano


BB:  How do you maintain The Balanced Babe lifestyle? 

The very first thing I do in the mornings is work out-before I even check my email. I use iCalendar on my phone, and I put in everything from the time I wake up to the time at night when I get to relax-yes, I even put in “relax” as a calendar item.


BB:  What little steps have you made lately towards maintaining your health?

I do “oil pulling” in the mornings when I’m checking email. I have my apple cider vinegar tea concoction (courtesy of the Balanced Babe) before lunch. It’s all in the calendar!



BB:  What are your top healthy snacks for a day on the go?

I love Think Thin bars! And fresh juice.

BB: What home remedies do you live by currently?

The ones I get from the Balanced Babe! 🙂


BB:  What fun projects can we expect CGC in the near future?

A blog & social accounts for CGC, an anniversary launch party, potentially some office space…be prepared to see CGC everywhere!





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