Say Bye Bye to Acne: 5 Holistic Tips for Clear Skin



I know how frustrating it is when you try testing out different topical acne treatments that have claims of  shrinking a zit overnight; yet when one pimp’ leaves, another one rises. Acne is not always easily zapped away with retinol and benzyl peroxide. Even though treatments with these ingredients do work for many, the goal is to prevent acne and use natural ingredients before you settle for the harsh stuff to prevent further skin irritation from over-use of topical serums.

See the  5 Holistic Tips for Fighting Acne




– Tea Tree Oil: 


+ Tea Tree Oil acts as a disinfectant and can be used as a spot treatment to reduce the redness of pimples.

+ This brand: Desert Essence, can be used directly on the skin. Simply apply it to a cotton ball and apply to the blemished area.

+ Pure Tea Tree Oil, being very potent, should be mixed with a tsp of water before application.







– Honey Mask:

+ Natural and organic honey is a great antiseptic, weather ingested or applied topically. When you use a honey mask, it fights the bacteria in your pores to minimize blemishes. A simple honey mask you can whip together:

– 2 tbsp honey

– 1 tbsp olive oil

– 1 egg white.

Leave this concoction on your face for 20 minutes, and massage it in every 5 minutes while it is on your face.



– Increase Your Water Intake:


+ Staying hydrated flushes out toxins in the body. When your body is full of toxins, it shows on your face. So by sipping water regularly you are cleansing yourself from the inside out.






+ Green Tea Paste:

+ Green Tea is packed with powerful antioxidants that fights free radicals which causes breakouts.

+ Green Tea also calms irritations, you can make at home toners and cleansers by using your tea bags.

+ Cut open a bag, and mix it with your facial cleanser so that you have more blemish fighting power in your morning ritual.





+ Increase Your Omega 3s:

+ Omega 3s are another powerful source of anti-inflammatory properties. And the more help you can get with reducing inflammation from the inside out, the better.

+ Foods that are high in Omega 3: Avocado, fish; salmon and tuna, hemp seeds, walnuts, and chia seeds.


If you have your own holistic tips to fight acne, please share in the comments!







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