The Extraction Guru You Need to Meet + New Salad Offerings: Healthy Living Guide in Chicago

I am getting so excited that Chicago is starting to cater to the community that wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. I mean there is a whole group of us that are over the whole “Oh we love Chicago for their deep dish pizza, pork belly, and foodie (sometimes fatty) food scene”. Some of us want to enjoy a healthier side to this city, and businesses are catching on and following suit! 

I’m dishing on what’s new and healthy in Chicago, and this week I’ve got some good stuff in store for you! Behold, our new healthy living guide in Chicago.

ambra salon
source: Ambra Salon

Beauty – If you have a blemish flare up and need a good deep cleansing facial with extractions stat, you need to pay a visit to Ambra Salon. The owner is an extraction guru and believe me when I say she gets everything. I’m not sure if she uses a microscope to look deep into your pores but she clears out my face like no ones business. If you do decide to pay Ambra a visit, make sure you plan your facial for a time when you can take a couple days off after. When I received my facial, I had to let my skin heal for about 2-3 days post service. There was some redness and big red dots that needed to breath (that means no makeup after your facial). After the healing period, my skin was bump free and glowing. Yay extractions! 

healthy dining chicago
source: Hubbard Inn

Food – I recently dined at Hubbard Inn for lunch and ordered their shaved brussel sprout ceasar salad and developed a new salad obsession. Even though the portion size doesn’t look huge (all my salad girls know that we like a big ole’ bowl of greens), it is definitely filling. The dressing is extremely light and more of an oil base than a cream base (yasss). Also, brussels sprouts are packed with iron and potassium, and vitamin K, and are a geat detoxing ingredient. Eat up ladies!

chaise fitness

On the go Fitness – If you are traveling to Chicago any time soon for business or a quick trip, I recommend staying at the James Hotel as they have this awesome new in-room workout service for the busy bee on the run. The James has formed a new partnership with Chaise Fitness, a New York based brand to provide guests with an in-room ReinventYOU workout series. 

Visitors gain complimentary access to ReinventYOU videos and will also receive a theraband to add resistance to the moves. I tried the videos myself (which last anywhere between 10-20 minutes) and felt a quick burst of energy (I mean, you always do after a good quick workout) and was ready to take on the day. This is ideal if you have back to back meetings around town and want to get a quick workout in as a part of your morning routine. 

Their restaurant, David Burke’s, also has a great vegetarian option including pumpkin artichoke ravioli (this is more of a vegetarian indulgance), a plethora of veggie sides, and refreshing seafood options for pescetarians like the whole roasted trout. 

fresh thyme store


Hip hip Hooray! There is a new fresh farmers market coming to Chicago! Introducing Fresh Thyme. Fresh Thyme offers organic and health focused foods offered at an affordable price so that you can eat nutrient dense meals on a budget. This market is focused on promoting local produce and also features a Fresh Thyme kitchen where you can create your own salads, buy delicious sandwiches and more! 

They are even boasting over 300 bins of natural and organic products, and over 1,500 gluten free products in every store! You can pay them a visit at their new Midtown/Lincoln Park location at 2500 N. Elston Ave. To learn more, pay them a visit at

skyline plunge chicago
source: Sooz Main and Kelsey Wright

Giving Back – Last month I also took a plunge (literally) and rappelled down the side of the Wit Hotel to support the Respiratory Health Association.  This exhilarating event helps raise funds for those who are affected by lung disease such as lung cancer, COPD and asthma. I felt a personal accomplishment rappelling down 28 flights as I used to be a pack-a-day smoker and am now on year 3 of being smoke free!! 

Their next fundraising event is taking place May 22nd happening in Chicago again so you have the chance to take part in this cause as well. A list of their special events can be found here. 

P.S. Even though I was invited to all of these activities, all opinions and writings are my own. How am I going to know what’s new and good in Chi-town if I don’t try it for myself?!

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