How I Eat Healthy Without Dieting


eat-healthy-without-dietingHappy Monday, all! Those that know me, know that I live true to the Balanced Babe lifestyle. I keep everything in balance.

That means I don’t:

+ Deprive myself of something I’m craving.

+ Count calories.

+ Go on restrictive diets- or diet at all.

+ Follow any meal plans.

+ I eat (and LOVE) dessert.

What I DO:

+ Eat 70% vegetarian 20% vegan, and %10 animal protein sources. This means: I sprinkle feta cheese or goat cheese on my salads, I eat poultry or fish maybe once a month (when I’m craving it), but I FOCUS on eating plant based food sources as my main dish for every meal. There are weeks straight when I eat only vegetarian meals, so I therefor eat mainly a plant based lifestyle.


 See more of my healthy eating tips without dieting:

If you want to know more of what I do to eat healthy without “dieting”, I wrote an informative article for Running On Real Food last week talking all about this subject. If you remember, Deryn is a featured Balanced Babe and you can read about her here! I even explain my holistic health, hospitality & image consulting services through Style Body Soul. Now you can see what else I do outside of talking about healthy living on Balanced Babe!


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